The new moon is always an opportunity for a new beginning. There are two ways for you to take advantage of the new moon. The first one is universal, which means understanding that Libra is about relationships, so you can either begin a new one, or find a way to redefine an existing one. The 2nd is to know in which house Libra falls within your own chart. If you have any planets in Libra you will be directly affected. In either case, it is a great time to examine the relationships in your life that need redefining.



1-7 AXIS

The chart has 12 houses. The houses represent the areas of life that you are challenged to explore. Houses 1-6 represent the development of the individual self. When we get to house 7, it is directly opposite to house 1, which is also called the lagna or ascendant and represents your physical body and the person you show the world. The great beauty of this sophisticated language is that it shows us clearly that when we have developed the self we are ready to go into a relationship. The 7th house is the house of the partner, which is clearly a reflection/projection of our 1st house, or self. In astrology when we refer to the 1-7 axis we are speaking about relationships.




When examining the general karma of your relationships, we will look to your 7th hourse. We will see what sign rules it , where the ruler of your 7th is situated in your chart and if you have any planets in your 7th. Those of you who have your Sun or Moon in your 7th house, see yourself in your partners’ eyes. You are, in fact, more dependant on your partner, for finding your own identity. Very often, those who do have this situation seem to be the ones in long term relationships. In any case, it is helpful to understand why you attract what you attract and how to work with that information to improve your relationship status. 
There is so much we can identify about you that is helpful around this topic. Having Capricorn on the 7th with Saturn in the same sign/house will bring you an older stable partner vs. having Pisces on the 7th with it’s ruler, Jupiter in Libra in the 2nd, will mean you are attracted to deep emotional spiritual types, but you do not like to actually go deep with them! There are millions of permuatations. Understanding your own karmic code ( chart) provides you with a massive tool for your own life navigation.




It is interesting that Libra rules relationships because it is one of the most easy going, amicable, agreeable, do not rock the boat, kind of signs! Are they telling us that if we want to have a successful relationship we need to be more accomodating? Also the Sun is debilitated in Libra, which means one does not think of themselves first and tends to put others first. I always chuckle when I know I am seeing somebody who has a lot of Libra energy in their chart. They will arrive and ask about me, speak about everyone and everything else but themselves. Even if they have just had a major trauma it will not be the first thing that they will bring up. Libra energy is all about the other and needs to learn how to focus on self. In a world so full of broken relationships it is most interesting to note that Libra is so easy going. Those who have been in successful longterm relationships will tell you that it is important not to sweat the small stuff and it’s almost all small stuff!



This lunar sign is represented by a large tree with spreading branches, suggesting as one grows in maturity, one is able to produce fruit as well as provide nourishment and protection for othes. Vishakha matures in the 2nd half of life. This means that if you have any planets in Vishakha, particularly Venus, or Jupiter, or planets in your 7th , you will mostly likely find your most rewarding relationships in your maturity. This can be helpful to know! Krishna and Raha were married under this nakshatra/lunar sign. This is a great Moon to set a date for marriage.

INDRA, the God of transformation rules this sign of transformation. Relationships certainnly bring that about!

AGNI, the God of fire also rules this lunar sign. Fire represents tejas, our inner fire, and the expression of passion that lives within us if we our tejas is healthy. With the proper chemistry, a relationship will activate the fire within you.

Vishakha teaches us that we can achieve our goals with the passage of time. We may have to endure, but if we have another, and it need not be romantic, to share the journey, it is somehow more enjoyable.




Is there a relationship that needs transformation?

Do you need to sit back and lighten up?

Do you need to see how this relationship has served you to transform and grow?

Can you re align with your intention to take care of you own inner balance, and balance the masculine and feminine within your own soul?

Can you appreciate the every day journey and understand that your effort will eventually bare fruit?

How will you take this awareness and apply it to your relationships causing a positive spin?

Love only….

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