This blog entry will be a little different first because it is two days late, and second because of the subject matter. I feel I will step out of the boundaries of politically correct. When I write, I wait to be inspired, and for this entry it is at 6am in a penthouse apartment in the jungle canopy of the ‘new’ Tulum. I would be lying if I didn’t say once again, I feel confused. Maybe confused is not the right word, maybe the word is more, reassured. Reassured that we are living in the world of polarity. I can’t help to wonder if the polarity exists in every planetary world that sustains life. Finally we are getting news that, in fact, that massive puzzle we call the night sky, is actually teaming with life. Of course we are not alone!

People like to talk about different dimensions and that we are on a path to ascension. but I am not sure how direct that path is on earth. When you really examine the facts, the truth is staring us in the face. As light ascends, darkness seems to ascend at the same rate. We are in a relationship with the opposing force, this is called polarity. Equilibrium and equanimity is in the middle path.

I studied for a bit with Swami Dhyananda in his study hall on the shores of the Ganges in Rishikesh. He lectured on vedanta which is the philosophy behind the vedas. One of his lessons stands out like no other. According to vedanta, the level of wealth that we live at is a fixed karma. There are only three fixed karmas, and that is one of them. As I sit here listening to the birds wake up and the dogs barking and the sun rising  over the jungle canopy, I can’t help but return to that vedantic truth.

I can say that I feel saddened by the truth.


I started coming to Tulum in 2007. It was a discovery of the prettiest beach I had ever seen; and there was hardly anybody here. That has now changed. In retrospect, I would say that the beauty here fell on the side of extreme. It was extreme beauty and not middle path beauty. Now that has changed. The polarity has risen in Tulum.

For millennia the mexicans left this place untouched. It is an ancient culture as old as India, with a living practise of spiritual aliveness. I believe they understood that energetic vortexes are not to be messed with. Over the past decade this world has discovered this paradise and now there are all kinds of concrete apartment blocks that have sprung up like mushrooms after a spring rain. The lovers of the extreme have arrived to stand on the edge of the vortex because it is exciting, but the vortex is doing what vortexes do and as it explodes it implodes. Tulum is imploding.


Humans incarnate all along the spectrum of wealth, from the extreme rich to the extreme poor. Vedanta says that no matter what you do , the level of wealth that you live at will not fluctuate much during your lifetime. Because wealth is a fixed karma, some people, no matter what they do, remain with way more material abundance than they could spend in a lifetime while others struggle to feed themselves. These extremes are calling out to each other in this current time in the vortex known as Tulum.

The last governor imported several thousand extremely poor people and sold them land for votes. From one year to another, where there were pristine jungle buffers between the rich and the poor, now are stick huts filled with extremely poor confused faces. The small puebla that was once full of families walking safely around, is now, crawling with men, often drunk, who appear to be searching for something. They are searching for a piece of the wealth. Also wandering among the local indigenous are the white skins who parade around with barely anything on, something they would never do in their home countries. Of course, even if they only have enough money to go on vacation, to the poor, they are rich. Then there are the very rich who can afford to stay in the hotels on the beach and who build the new apartment blocks for the others with strong abundance karma to stay in. It is a classic study in the extremes of polarity.

The streets around the new apartments are not paved and not even graded. Garbage is piled high in archaic trash containers. The water coming out of the new shower facets smells. The dream of Eco Tulum is now just that, a dream. The extremes of reality are alive and well. The very rich are rubbing shoulders with the very poor. The result, at least at this stage is anger and greed, the very life lessons that we are meant to transcend on our path to ascension. Once again, the brighter it becomes the darker it becomes.

My deep desire is to try to fix it, but the truth is that I put my energy into trying to prevent this. The sad thing is that this is not the only example. There are many. If I run to the sector of the world where I am from, where everything runs smoothly and the streets are clean, the youth are on antidepressants. So, I accept once again, reality. We live in a world of polarity. Opposites provide contrast and as the Dalai Lama says, our job is to find the middle path.

Love only….

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