Do you belong to that group of us that look at the clock every day at 11:11? I do. Sometimes this happens a few times a day. To be honest I have no idea what it means. Sometimes it shifts to 22:22 or 33:33 or even 55:55, but nine times out of ten it is 11:11. What on earth does it mean? Any insights?


i & i

Saturn is the destroyer. Saturn is Shiva. Shiva creates obstacles. Obstacles are the game we created in this dimension to give us a vehicle to evolve our soul.

Shiva is currently at 11 degrees of Libra. This is kind of cool in that Libra is the 7th sign that is all about partnership. Shiva is well dressed in Libra so his not as destructive as he could be. In Libra Shiva can reorganize and form relationships with a foundation of dignity and respect. The focus is respectful communication. Shiva encourages us to speak our truth, even if it is scary, but do it with strength and clarity and in a way that preserves your honour. Shiva is honour



Jupiter is the remover of obstacles. Jupiter is Guru/ Ganesha. Ganesha is currently at 11 degrees of Gemini. Guru is not at home in Gemini . He  can create messy communication and mindless action. Too many mindless words often cause problems that need to be cleaned up later.

Gemini is the twins and is also about the ‘other’. With Shiva offering his divine assistance  to Guru, there is a great deal of help to clean up the integrity that has been lost. It is also an opportunity to just get better at communicating. Now is the time to sign up for a course on anger management or skills in communication. It is also a great time to write that book you have been putting off. It is also a great time to take that trip.

The i & i.

This is a great time to raise the vibration of your relationships . Obstacles and long drawn out stubborn impasses have a chance to clear at this time. This alignment between Shiva and Guru ( Ganesha) will last until the end of June 2014.

This is a good time to form business partnerships.

This is a great time to meet someone special that can help fulfill your dreams.



When planets throw their light from within 120 degrees of one another they will be in the same element and this produces a positive affect. Shiva and Ganesha aligning  will bring a much needed co operation in many arenas that have been stuck. Take advantage of this cosmic flow to get your priorities in order.

Mercury goes direct on July 20th, so it is all good to enter into important contracts and resume speed as usual.

With this nice flow it is especially a great time to move about. Mercury is also still in it’s own sign along with Jupiter and Mars so Gemini trumps.

We do have to note however that Mars, Jupiter and Mercury are in Ardra. 911 was Ardra ruled.

The element of Gemini & Libra is air. Air rules the intellect , flying machines and communication.

Air is Vata: Vata is quick. Too much vata is flighty. If you have a lot of air in your chart you will need to balance your kapha & pitta during this time. Slow your walk down. Slow your speech down. Eat calmly without watching tv or your computer screen. Rest after eating. Do more yin yoga. Stop rushing!!




Swati is the the ‘priest’. With the co operation of Saturn this gives everyone a cosmic blast of grace. Swati is the sword indicating how words can destroy. Words are also the instrument of the heart and can heal. Swati is vayu the element of air and wind. You are a creature of O2. Breathing is an art to master.



Love only..


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