Cancer is one of the noble signs. It rules the Mother and the Family. Without question our most immediate karma arises from the family into which we are born. For most of us, family karma is the toughest. I have come to the conclusion that, as souls, we make these contracts before we are born. Once we are born into this dimension we forget.


When a family member is abusive our job is to create the boundary. Despite the fact that the home and family should be the safe place, so often it is not. Many of us are raised in abuse and then required to show respect for the abuser. This is messed up and how rebellion begins. When someone who is supposed to love you chooses to hurt you, it is usually because they are hurt; thus forgiveness can be found. In fact, one cannot heal until one forgives. Everyone is doing the best they can. That is a rule. When we understand this we find compassion, and then create firm boundaries.


When an adult is still playing the game of showing respect for the abuser parent, they never really grow up. The good news is that is can happen at any age. Once again, we work through our own family karma, nobody can do it for us.


Some of the toughest stories are when the sibling is abusive. Oftentimes the parent will not acknowledge it and the child is completely unprotected.


It is much easier to write on paper than to actually do! Having the understanding of your own birth chart as well as that of the abuser family member helps immensely! When we can step back and see that our souls are involved in this karmic web that we did not choose, rather somehow created from past lives, we can own it, forgive, create the boundary and move on. Many people do not believe this, but if you believe in karma, this is how it works; it is the rule of cause and effect. Sooner or later actions must be paid for , if not in this life, then the next. It is is daunting concept.


At the end of the day, we are all here learning how to love. Cancer is the primary sign that rules emotion, empathy, compassion, forgiveness and unbridled love. We should never stop trying to grow in this area. This new moon in Punarvasu means : Return of the Light.

Our bodies are electric and hold and give off light. When we free up the darkness that is always held in the body, we experience the return of the light. With this new moon now is good! JUMP!

Love only…

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