The solstice full moon falls in the cosmic frequency of Mula. Mula means , ‘the root’, and illustrates enduring stability that weathers the challenges that affect the growth of a plant. If the root system is strong enough, the shoot above ground will survive. Our blood is almost identical in chemical makeup to chlorophyll, we we too are plant like.

We are manifesting Beings who have the ability to bring our dreams into the material world so that we may enjoy them. If you really ponder this , its astonishing!

Vedic wisdom , when is comes to Sagittarius, which is the zodiac sign that rules Mula, is ruled by Jupiter, the planet of justice, wisdom, higher learning, spirituality and institutions for the above such as universities and courthouses.


The ruling deity of this nakshatra is Nirriti /Kali , the goddess of destruction and is associated with wiping out the old so that the new may grow.

“Mula inflicts pain, but the pain is intended to put the person on the right track towards God-realization” (Harness).

The full moon brings results, painful situations that lead to realization, new beginnings and loftier goals.


I don’t think it’s any mistake that Mula is slang for money. As we age, we think more carefully about what we will leave behind for the next generation. Generally money is needed to build a legacy project. If you keep your integrity high, as would happen in this sign, money will always be associated with noble actions. Build your legacy with a trail of clean money. This will impact the results.

Remaining true to your intention to create a legacy that resonates with love , honesty, integrity, and intelligence is not easy; it requires strength of character.

This full moon is a time to celebrate your noble successes. Be proud of the times that you have remained positive despite setbacks. Be proud of yourself that you have said no to influences that would have polluted your intentional creation.

What are you proud of?

Love only…

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