Yama (Sanskrit: यम), is the Hindu god of Death and Justice, and is responsible for the dispensation of law and punishment of sinners in his abode. Yama loka is hell. Yama is the deity for Bharani and our new moon solar eclipse.

When one delves into the ancient Vedic texts, it can be overwhelming. In the west religion has developed in such a way that all of the dark history is hidden. Unfortunately this practice ( which is being revealed to the public now) has fostered deep corruption within the churches. The Vedas keep the darkness of this plane right out in the open. Of course, Lord Shiva is also associated with this cosmic frequency.

The Vedic wisdom first of all morphed into the Hindu religion, but is was never meant and is not a religion. Veda means knowledge. It is a body of knowledge passed down from a highly intelligent source. The key point I would like to make, is that everyone has a place and a way to get to God, even through the dark path.  In other words, there is a place for all earthly inhabitants.  Bharani encompasses this aspect of the astrological pantheon.


This is the second lunar sign that belongs to Aries.  There are two lunar signs per solar sign, and it appears that one of the nakshatras is more gentle and one more fierce. In the case of Aries, the first sign, Ashwini is the gentle and Bharani is the fierce, however, of all of the 27 nakshatras  Bharani may well be the darkest.

Westerners will go automatically into fear because of their propensity to ignore the darker side, but there is no need.

Bharani is seen in great artists and if you are one of those, you will understand that many of the greatest artists, particularly music, feel so deeply and channel the pain of humanity as they express their art. When I think of Bharani I think of Bob Dylan who is deeply connected to this nakshatra.

When I was 16 his song came out. ” Serve Somebody”


The phrase, ” You have to serves somebody. It may be the devil or it may be the Lord, but you have to serve somebody”.

It’s perfect for Bharani.


“Bharani is the conduit or channel for artistic gifts and talents.

It is also called the ‘star of restraint’, which makes sense since there is a combination of mars and venus entwined in this arena. Sexual energy runs high here. In fact the female sexual organ also rules this domain. YONI is connected here as one who can ,’bare’ the burden of humanity.

” Yama guides the soul to the astral plane, where it can experience the result of its’ karma from the present life and prepare for the life to come’. Dennis Harness. Yogic disciplines such as breath control, Hatha yoga and meditation are reflections of Yama.

The primary motivation of Bharani is artha or wealth. The shadow side of the intense nakshatra is as pain and suffering. It is a krura or fierce severe energy. Extremism is at home in this nakshatra.


You will be starting to feel this 18 month transit now. It is meant to be uncomfortable at points.  This new moon may find you in a new zone of wondering what is going on with your life. It’s a very good time to check in and have a reading so you have navigational tools.

These eclipse are the fire that strengthens the sword.


New moon is the lowest energy point in the month. There is no moon in the sky, so no light. The eclipse is a shadow through which energy can enter unseen.

Darkness is standing at the alter and man souls are passing over under unhappy circumstances. Where are we on our beloved Gaia right now?

At a low point?



Jupiter and Venus are exactly together in Pisces, both exalted. This is pure angelic energy which will help counter the Bharani.

Saturn and Mars are together in Aquarius. Saturn is powerful here.

Jupiter and Venus are the high angelic forces, while Saturn are Mars are the high dark forces. Yikes.

This is very interesting. There is no question that the reflection exists in the world at this moment.

Both sides are at the gate facing each other.


Each of us have the ability to be a storehouse for love. Now is a very good time to fill up so that it is over flowing.

Nobody has everything they want, but those that find deep gratitude for the little things are happier.

On a personal level pay attention to your shadow.

Are you allowing a darkness to exist by pretending or hiding?

Bharani has an edge of anger. Anger comes from disappointment.

This is actually one of the, if not the, most important moments of the year to BEGIN ANEW.

If not now, when?

Love only..





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