Having the courage to protect your family is an act of nobility.

Birth family is very often the exact force that we need protection from, ironically. To

this end, family can be chosen friends or animals. The point is, having courage to protect

those that we value falls under the nakshatra of Purvaphalguni.


This cosmic frequency manages the following: “the healing of others, leadership, honor, nobility, the rules of society, marriage contracts, kindness and compassion for humanity”. ( The nakshatras, Dennis Harness). Shiva and Shakti the primordial archtypes for divine union were married under this lunar mansion.

It boils down to putting value on your close relationships and being willing to be a protector if needed. Courage is called upon at times in life, for example, defending the integrity of someone you love, or finding compassion for honest mistakes. Honor shows itself without any need for words in many cases. It is pretty obvious when a person shows up that embodies the qualities of courage because it vibrates in the aura. Courage alongside a compassionate kind nature is among the highest qualities of any sentient Being. Leo is the King and embodies the highest virtues of courage…

Courage to finally be yourself.

Courage to stand in your truth.

Courage to protect your heart .

Courage to protect your home.

Courage to protect your happiness.

To have the courage of your convictions and to have the courage to act from Love.

The good news is that courage can be cultivated and developed. This is not the easy path, but yields exponential spiritual rewards.


I often say that the most spiritual thing you can do is laugh uncontrollably. Laughter is born of a soul

that is happy. Leo is all about happiness. No matter what is going on in your life, it is okay to have

a good laugh everyday. As adults, many of us must relearn this sacred skill of gratitude for the moment.

With this new moon it is a great time to review your relationship to courage and laughter. One who has the channel of courage alive in their body temple will find it easier to laugh. Meditate on the relationship between courage and laughter. Now is good. JUMP!

Love only…

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