How lovely that it is a new moon in Cancer right on my own Lagna!

I am currently in the far north of Canada on my annual trek to the Yukon to visit my Mother. Because this new moon triggers my own chart so much I will put a bit of personal spin on this post. My Lagna is 29.34 Cancer. This new moon falls at 29.06.


When a new moon or full moon are at the same degrees of either your Moon, Sun or Lagna, it is sigificant and good to stop and pay attention. The new moon is significant firstly because the most important planet, the Moon is at home in Cancer, thus we see what I call Exalted Frequency. This one wipes out a lot of negative planetary combinations you may have, especially in the sign of Cancer. So that’s good news! The Sun, and a particular retrograde Venus are along in tow. At the final degree of Cancer, we have a situation called Gandanta. If you follow my work you will be familiar with this degree. In any case, we review and review and review some more in Jyotisha! There is so much Gandanta frequency in this new moon we must pay attention.


Well as often happens in my magical life, I find myself in the right place at the right time. Knowing the planets allows me to take time to reflect on the moment and dive as deeply as possible to receive the insight as well as the wisdom.

The Moon in Cancer is the Mother or Amma in the Vedic tradition. How do we mix and match with Cancer and Gandanta and the Mother? In my case, taking on a responsibility of family to take care of my Mother in her last years. This is a spiritual discipline… honoring an elder that you love. It teaches patience and compassion.

My mother is drifting away with dimensa; turning back into a child. Dealing with this situation falls within a Gandanta prescription.

Old Age sneaks up fast. A lot of parents do not understand how fast this will happen and suddenly find themselves without a memory. It’s very scary for them. They all react differently. Ashlesha is a ,”drura”, or ,”dreadful “, Nakshatra which means the transformation it brings can it can be painful and even cruel. I see my Mother very afraid and finding it impossible to make changes at this stage. Mother’s slipping back into childhood before releasing the final breathe.


First off, remember in the Vedas, everything pertains to the spiritual interpretation of life. Everything is focused towards raising consciousness. Actually enlightenment happens through the body temple. Before this can happen the three main gates or knots , have to be released so the kundalini can flow through. This is an intense spiritual experience and can come in many forms; also you can go willingly or you can be pushed by God. Understanding when you have opened one of these knots is an important part of your spiritual journey. Ashlesha is all about this!!

Ashlesha falls inside of Cancer and the element of water. We are up to 78% water. What is the role of the water in this final process?


In this system we believe in God. We honor the higher frequencies of Love.

Despite the pain that can happen with this New Moon in Cancer, if you are devoted to your spiritual evolution, give up all to God. Let Go and Let God. Have the courage to deal with your own emotions and and let those knots unwind in your system so you can reach enlightenment. Once this process is complete you will still need to deal with the drama of life called Lela. Sigh….

Love only….

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