One of the most important books in this era is called Power vs. Force ( David R. Hawkins) is a study on the frequency that is connected to everything. Every thought, word, and action has a related frequency. We swim in a cosmic sea of frequency waves.

The good news is that Enlightenment/Pure Love is the highest resonating frequency. For this group that has been moving in a global coo is not vibrating on a high frequency. They think they are but they are not. Actually most of the beloved humans on the planet are full of love, but uninformed. Most want to have a peaceful life even at the expense of sovereignty.


This new moon may well mark an inflection point; a turning point.

We have a situation where masses of high vibrational people are acquiring knowledge.

We are currently in a global war. Many are waking up to this fact.


This new moon has Mars exalted in Scorpio and the Moon debilitated in Scorpio which causes a nicha banga, cancellation of the debiliation. Further to this Gandanta is a danger zone. This creates a deep point of intensity.

The eclipse patterns have just changed so there is a new frequency of peace.

We always keep a portal open for miracles and unexpected events that can turn the situation around.

This is such a time.


This is a a new time. I believe we will see alignments of warriors that are full of love go against the lower vibrational tyrants.

This time is intense. Remember if you are not part of the solution you are part of the problem.

Watch the rise of Power.


Where does Scorpio fall in your chart?

What are you trying to control that is being ineffective?

What anger are you holding in your body that has outlived it’s residency?

Put a trigger point hold on what emotion is holding you back. Let it go. Free yourself.

Love only…

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