Ardra is the fierce side of Gemini. Gemini rules communication, and with the new era we live in, communication is in a zone like never before. People are plugged into their communication device, be it cell phone, computer or television almost nonstop. The youth are so incorporated into this technology that even small children can’t live far from their device. How fast did that happen?


In astrology communication falls into two basic catagories:

Gemini: current happenings which includes gossip and current news. This is an area where truth is subjective.

Sagittarius: deeper learning which includes higher education and profound teachings/conversations. This is an area where truth is unalterable and connected to wisdom and justice.

This full moon falls within the faster moving forms of communication.


The reality is that different levels of consciousness respond to different values when it comes to, ‘truth’.

Ardra is the hard hitting form of communication. This applies to how you are impacted by watching or listening to any time of news, or participating in gossip, both of which may or may not be true.

This full moon a good excersise is to recognize how much or your precious time you spend absorbing information into your psyche which may not even be true! Hmm, worth a moment of reflection.

Ardra is very often associated with terrorist activity. With Mars at 29 degrees of Scorpio and Venus also in Scorpio, we can expect some event.


This full moon is the last of one of 2023. It is a good time to allow all of those underlying issues that you have with communication/devices to surface.

How much time and attention are you giving to what may not even be true?

How does this affect your inner peace and vibratory frequency?

What the world needs is more souls vibrating at a higher frequency which is LOVE.


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