Other symbols for this nakshatra are:

100 Flowers

100 Physicians

Physicians of the Gods

The energetic expression is regal. It is ‘the fortunate star of the king’.

You, like everyone born on this planet have this frequency operating somewhere in your chart.

To find it, look to see which house is ruled by Aquarius.


If you look at how fast the world is changing over the past few years, and how it is going into the direction of communication technology based on new types of energy transmission. There isĀ  a lot of debate over when the Aquarian Age begins exactly, but my own personal sense is in about 2060. The Piscean Age is drawing to a close.

Many of you will feel displaced in this new computer screen cybor era, while many of you will feel much better. This is the nature of reality. Life expresses itself through diversity. Souls drop into various forms. I see no reason why souls can’t drop into computers. Apparently alien aircraft that have crashed on earth are said to be conscious. There is so much we cannot know so we need to rely on our intuition.

Aquarius rules intuition. Really it is a sense we share with the animals. Do you know that during that awful tsunami in Asia a number of years ago, that killed many tourists, the animals ( including frogs) all went to higher ground because they were touch , and had a relationship with their intuition.


From my perspective this may be our greatest sense organ. Where does intuition actually originate?

Some will say it comes from their brain waves, others feel it in their heart and yet others say it is a ,’gut feeling.’

Latest research says that microflora in the colon may be the progenitors of intuition.

This new moon is all about intuition.


Buy a little cotton bracelet that catches your eye. Put it on your wrist with a small intention ceremony; you with you.

Now everytime you look at this bracelet check in with your intuition. It will require you to slow down and get present with your body. Ask yourself- what is the message that is trying to be heard at this present moment.

Immediately you will receive the right answer. You must act immediately on what action is called for to make the request go away. The key is acting immediately.

If you continue with this for some time, you will no longer need the bracelet because you will have a strong bond with you higher self that is trying to guide you through life.


We have Sun and Mercury R in Aquarius. Mercury R will help you think outside of your box.

Aquarius rules the future. The new moon is a time to intentionally begin….Now is Good. JUMP!

P.S. Healing occurs in this nakshatra. Rise into your authentic nature.





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