Master Numbers

Since we live in a world of numbers it is worth paying attention. This full moon falls exactly at 11.11. This means the Sun and the Moon are both at these degrees. What is very cool is that the Sun involved in this full moon is in Aquarius and Aquarius is the 11th sign. We would say this doubles the message.


Magha means , ‘ the mighty one’, and is the star Regulus, also called , ‘the kingmaker’.

This cosmic frequency is one of power. If you look at animals in the wild, they all look to a dominant one to lead. These souls are chosen to make important decisions and choices to protect the herd, while the rest of the community supports each other to survive and thrive. In the animal world, the leaders do not turn on their community for selfish reasons. They can be trusted to lead with nobility.


In Kali yuga words and concepts are twisted and used where they should not be. This confuses people. Noble and Elite are meant to define true natures, not power based on money. If money is made via corruption, how can anybody possibly be noble in their soul? When seeking true spiritual evolution, we must be absolutely honest with how our power is gained. Nobility means doing the right thing even when nobody is watching. Imagine a world where children were schooled in this concept.


The polar opposite to Leo is Shatabhisak in Aquarius which rules the community. This shows once again who eloquent Jyotisha is! The leader on one side with Leo and the community working together on the other. This is the natural order.

Saturn is exalted here and is calling together elders and those who carry out the laws ( government) to come into alignment with nobility. Now is a powerful time for such alignment.


We have had 4 X class solar flares in the past month as we pass through this area of high intensity energetic upgrades. If you are feeling off, consider that you are being affected by this situation simply be being here. Absorb as much light as you can handle, drink structured water and rest. You will likely see changes in your consciousness at this time.


This full moon asks you to celebrate your SELF!

Never stop improving. Take as many moments as you can to feel proud of yourself, even for small successes. Give yourself permission to feel great. You are the universe manifest in one body. You are a miracle. Celebrate Yourself. Now is good!!

Love only…

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