Aquarius is the disruptor.

Admittedly there are a few perfect forms in our world, like orchids and sharks, where the natural dynamics of the design have reached a place where change is no longer required, the perfected form, but this is the exception. Most of creation or acts that arise out of creation, in our dimension, require the form to be shattered or dissolved to make way for change.

Aquarius is the frequency of change, but intelligent change; evolution rather than devolution!


Saturn is the only cosmic chess piece that rules two signs side by side. Saturn in Capricorn ( where is has been for the past 2.5 years) speaks of governments. Yikes, how has that gone?!

Saturn in Aquarius takes the energy out of the earth and into the element of air, meaning the intellect will be shocked and may even cause a major ,’awareness revolution’. Mind’s can be opened to a new future where co operation rules over domination and war. What better time than now?

As we race at warp speed into the Aquarian Age, we can clearly see that technology rules the day. There is no stopping this direction as it is the natural flow for this next epoch.

My generation remembers when TV’s were a big deal, or the first cell phones or personal computers, but the new generation is handed a cell phone in the crib, to keep them distracted when parents need time. Now we have to consider brain chips and self driving cars…


It had never occurred to me that we could go backwards, but the past 2.5 years has been, in my estimation a devolution of humanity. A few self selected sociopaths have infiltrated governments worldwide causing a rapid devolution in my opinion. I believe that Saturn in Aquarius is going to break that program. Saturn in Aquarius is going to see the unexpected occur at unexpected rates of conversion. Devolution is not sustainable; we are spirits that require evolution.


Now, more than ever before it is time to understand that you are so much greater than you realize. You are an energetic miracle made of cosmic fairy dust dropped into this dimension to enjoy light and create; you are not here to be a slave. The only person who can set you free is you. Now is good. JUMP!!

Note: If you have a Sun, Moon or rising Sign in Aquarius it’s time to make a plan!!

Love only…

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