This lunar sign/nakshatra is considered the most spiritual of all 27. It falls within the zodiac sign of cancer, which is the divine mother. Pushya means, ‘to nuture’.

When a soul reaches higher levels of consciousness, the only action that gives satisfaction is uplifting and supporting the world around them. Pushya and this very powerful full moon is centred in this frequency and has the potential to create miracles. It is the power to love.


Rahu is the eclipse point. It lines up with the moon and causes expansion beyond what is normal. There can be an exaggerated burst of emotion that is so powerful it has the ability to transform. God knows we need that on the planet at the moment.

Rahu is foreigners. Consider our cosmic brother’s and sisters who are more evolved than us here on earth.  They are protecting us without any reciprocal gratitude.

Love gives without needing anything in return, however when you are vibrating at this higher frequency, that is exactly what is attracted to you!


The ruling element for this full moon is water. If you do one personal ceremony of gratitude and offering support and love, this is the time. Cleanse and activate the water within you, the water that you drink and the water that bathe or swim in. Water has consciousness and memory cells.

Increase the sense of your value by increasing the value of the water that passes through your body. You are a river moving water through 78% of your body at all times. You are flowing and the water that flows through you or anywhere for that matter is imprinted with memory.


You can only give to another to the extent that you can give to yourself. You must be able to receive love from  yourself to yourself before you can give the same to another.

Take time during this full moon eclipse to find genuine appreciation and admiration for you by you. Let that settle deeply into your cells.


Venus and jupiter are dancing close in scorpio increasing intensity, Mars is being a pushover in pisces, and the moon rahu in cancer is the 3rd leg of this extremely beneficial planetary collaboration.

If you want love in your life be more loving to yourself.

If you want forgiveness in your life forgive yourself.

NOW is Good!



Capricorn is the government. Ketu has the ability to dissolve governments.

Wherever Capricorn falls in your own birth chart is where you may see an opportunity to dissolve and restructure. The reason we follow this cosmic science is to know the timing of our own home zone of the universe. It is better to swim out if the tide is going in that direction. What do you need to allow to end it’s cycle? Just because the cycle is over does not mean that love cannot be present.

LET GO  to create a vacumn for your future self/creations.

Develop a practise of increasing gratitude.

Now is good.



Love only…




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