If you know anybody who has a lot of virgo planets, or even one strong one, you know that they have this extra sense when it comes to integrity, order and cleanliness. They can’t help it, it’s their innate nature. It is this frequency that pushes humanity towards improvement. Virgo is not happy with mediocrity and feels a deep sense of disappointment that the majority of the world does not have the same values.


Virgo rules values. When anybody begins any kind of personal growth work/coaching to better their life, the first review is this question, ” what are your core values?”. Everything stems from this question. Values move outwards from the individual to the government. Governments are created to implement a set of values by which the people wish to follow.

Most of humanity does not want to be responsible, they prefer to be governed and put trust in their governments.


Ketu is a cosmic location that identifies the current eclipse patterns. Ketu gives the results of erasing, loosing, hiding and deception.

This full moon we have the full moon with ketu. Everywhere we look, we see the government’s of various countries blantantly covering up the truth to the people they are supposed to protect. Instead of evolution, we are experiencing devolution. Society is breaking down because those who are in the position of upholding values are not. I believe this full moon marks a crescendo of this activity.


The lunar mansion of this full moon is Hasta, which is all about having a purpose.


The polarity of this full moon is this Pisces energy. Mercury is debilitated which means it is very weak, and with rahu that weakness is strengthened. This means those that need to speak up about spiritual alignment do not. It can also mean that the talking phase is over.


Mars and Saturn together create revolution. People only get angry when they desperate. Happy content people will sit back and watch. Adding this planetary formula to the mix is dangerous mostly because it creates stubborn refusal to change.


It’s a challenging bit of knowledge for us to grasp, but energetically we are all quantum entangled. If you feel confused about your values, you add to the enforcement of this global predicament. What can you do to help the global situation? Answer is get very clear about your own values and make an effort to improve your level of integrity.

“-Steadfast adherence to a strict moral or ethical code.
-The state of being unimpaired; soundness.
-The quality or condition of being whole or undivided; completeness.” American Heritage Dictionary.

I once took a three month course just on this subject. It is not easy to review your life and be honest with where you are out of integrity, but once you do, your relationship with yourself and your world will become better. Now is good JUMP!

Love only…

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