Leo is the sign of the Sun. The Sun is the centre of our lifeforce. We have a direct relationship with this cosmic frequency that has to be managed. The wild force of an authentic warrior and the gentle peacefulness of a resting swan. Leo is about fiery passion. Leo is about true power. Authentic power.

Ego is attached to this sign, so these issues may come up. Inauthenticity or ego extremes can mutate the expression of power. Each of us has our own personal relationship to and with  the idea of power, and if we abuse or never abuse this gift of humanity, karma will result projection. The lion knows its a lion. Have you seen them in captivity? They are sad. When they are authentically expressing the nature, they are wild and proud. The concept of power, both personally and politically, is one of the greatest tests in our place and time.

Women can possess this kingly energy of leo as well. So can pets for that matter. And the wind. Leo is a force of nature. Leo in a happy expression is the most charismatic, generous and powerful. Leo in a negative mood is grumpy and narcissistic.

“Know yourself, know your power”


The nakshatra of this full moon is influenced by Venus.

Actors, young women, musicians, artists, commodities, salt, cotton, oil and honey fall under the rulership of purva phalguni.

“Purva” means, ” Before”

“Phalguni” means “the red one”.

This is the constellation of Leo at the 13.20 degrees to 26.40 zone. Think 2nd half of the lion constellation.  The ruling deity in this kingdom is Bhaga, one of the Adityas responsible for conjugale bliss and wealth. Good fortune rules at this time.

Pleasure is heightened here due to the influence of Venus, the planet of feminine love and sensual pleasure. Money is also on the agenda in Purva Phalguni.

The hammock is the symbol for purva phalguni.


This can be detached and eccentric behavior. The Aquarian Age that we are just entering is just getting started with technology. Already we are seeing our human species evolving into cyborgs. As one born on the cusp of the transition of ages, I  had to look that word up a few years ago.

This new age coming up is going to be radically different than the past 2,160 years. Aquarian is by definition more associated to this age, as the computer waves, or any frequency waves, is associated with Aquarius. If you really look at it with perspective, it is so fascinating to watch humanity morphing in front of our eyes. I believe some of us souls like to incarnate during these times because it is always more exciting. Earthquakes, internet or cellular waves  and rebellion are ruled by Aquarius. This all works out to be the polar opposite expression of the sign 180 degree, Leo; guardian of power.

RAHU & KETU AT 11.11

This  is interesting and worth watching.

Ketu, Mars and Jupiter are aligned in Sagittarius, remember, Ketu acts like mars so it is a double mars shot of aggressive pitta nervous dual nature energy. Jupiter exaggerates whatever is going on. Change is inevitable.

Hot, hot, hot…literally and figurtively.

There are no planets aligned with the current eclipse points because it is not an eclipse, so this is not particularly powerful, yet with the power frequency of  11.11 degrees of Gemini, (the twins)  there is a portal opening available to you.

The true ruler is always humble and gracious and generous.


Ketu is bringing us a virus that seems to be misunderstood.

With this Ketu, Mars, Jupiter, we need to be vigilant as it expands.

You are responsible for your body.

Love only….





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