Kali Yuga (Sanskrit: कलियुग, romanized: kaliyuga or kali-yuga) means “the age of Kali (demon)”, “the age of darkness”, “the age of vice and misery”, or “the age of quarrel and hypocrisy”. Kali Yuga is described in the Mahabharata, Manusmriti, Surya Siddhanta, Vishnu Smriti, and various Puranas.

For those of you who have taken time to study even a little bit of the Vedas, you would come across the explanation that earth travels through different assigned periodic cycles. It is pretty easy to see that we are currently in the age of Kali Yuga.

The Vedas are the oldest body of knowledge in the world, so this information was left to us by a great race, called the Indoo people. Indoo morphed into Hindu and it became a religion, but it is not a religion. Veda means,’knowledge’.

Yoga, Astrology, Ayurveda, Tantra, Vastu, Mantra are  becoming popular in the west now, but the Veda’s are sourced in northern India.

During this very intense moment in history, let us look at what attributes they told us would let us know that we are in Kali Yuga.


Satya Yuga:  virtue, enlightenment, spirituality

Treta Yuga: 25% loss of these virtues

Dvapara Yuga: 50% loss of these virtues

Kali Yuga: 75% loss of these virtues.

Now there is controversy as to the exact timing of these ages, however, take a look at the description of Kali Yuga.


– Religion, honesty, purity, kindness, tolerance of the people will decrease day by day.

-Hipocrisy shall be practised as a virtue.

-People will suffer from a lack of physical strength, weak memory and shortened duration of life.

-The maximum life span will be reduced to 50 years.

-Wealth alone shall be. considered as one’s sign of noble birth, decent behavior and excellent qualities.

-Might will be right. Brute power will be considered justice.

-Men and women will live together merely because of superficial attraction.

-The institution of marriage will degenerate.

-Business shall be conducted and success achieved based on deception.

-Manliness and womanliness would be decided based on ones expertise in sex.

-A person’s spiritual position shall be defined bases on his externals.

-One who is very clever at juggling words will be judged a good scholar.

-One’s hairstyle will  come to define ones’ beauty.

-Filling the belly would become an ultimate goal of life.

-A holy place would simply be considered to be a pool of water located at a distance.

-He who exhibits himself as the most powerful shall gain political power.

-Loosing their wives and property to these leaders, citizens will flee to the mountains and forests.

-Devastated with famine and excessive taxes, people will resort to eating roots, leaves, flesh, flowers, sees et .

-By the end of kali yuga, all creatures, including trees shall be  considerable reduced in height.

-By the end of kali yuga, the religious principles of  class and order shall be  completely destroyed. The. Vedas will be forgotten, and society will be largely atheistic and animalistic.

-Deception, unnecessary violence will become the primary occupation of men.

Here is a good article. https://wiralfeed.wordpress.com/2015/11/10/predictions-of-kaliyuga/


According to some, like one person I admire very much, Sadguru, says’ Kali Yuga is over.

Check out his reasoning.


There is supposed to be a golden era around the ending of Kali Yuga.

There are many people becoming more conscious, but over all, given what is going on in the world, it feels like we are still in Kali Yuga. What do you think/feel?


As you may or may not know, President Trump has a highly unusual birth chart. He was born at a full moon eclipse exactly like the one we have now. This means he has Moon in Scorpio and Sun in Taurus and was also born during an eclipse. Normally I stay away from politics but given this unusual cosmic alignment I think we should pay attention.


Try to always remember that the physical world is only a fraction of what is going on, literally.

Did you know that you can only see about 5% of who you really are?

There is so much more going on. We are cosmic Beings travelling through space and time.

Apparently it is too boring to exist for ions floating around in space, so we incarnate and create drama for entertainment. Good vs. Evil.

Good always wins. The highest vibration in the universe is Love, not hate. Trust in that.


I am hoping that Sadguru is right, that this is the advent of a new era of higher consciousness and returning to order. Let’s see. In the meantime, people are instinctively looking for suitable tribes and locations that feel safe.

Some say the end of Kali Yuga is 2025 and that there will be a saviour  called Kalki who rescues the situation.

There seems to be so much focus on the  biblical prophesies at the moment. Jesus spent 14 years in India with the Vedic priests, this is  common knowledge in India. Why do we need to live out a story from an ancient time? I don’t really get it. This is such a confusing time, but I believe this full moon eclipse marks the crescendo of one song, the culmination of darkness so that the light may return. Bless all of you. Thank you for your attention. I am living in Mexico, now opening my sacred jungle land to the people who seek high integrity sustainable community. Message me if you are looking for such a thing.

There is a T-square to Jupiter in Aquarius which makes me believe that there is a huge power struggle that leads to freedom. Freedom is the key message. Rebellion for freedom.

In the meantime,



This full moon is one to watch.

Love only….



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