The glyph for Libra is the setting Sun. This means that the Sun is weak in this sign. Libra is about , ‘the other’,’the partner’. Libra is a dual air sign, thus expressing itself via air or intellect. Refined style and decorum abound here because Libra cares about how others perceive them. To this end, the truth can become obscured as one tells another what they think the other wants to hear rather than risking responsibility for truth telling.

This full Moon is in Libra with Ketu, which only amplifies the charade.

I would call this the Moon of Lies.


Vishakha means, ‘to mature later in life”.

I actually quit my push to get to law school because I came to to conclusion, at 19 yrs, that in my ideal civilization one would need to be post 35 just to be allowed to enter into law school. Imagine how much more balanced our system would be if it was run by actual life wise, matured people, rather than career oriented youngsters bent on making money. As these inexperienced ambitious lawyers age and enter into politics, they turn into entitled desperate shallow individuals willing to sacrifice their moral structure to keep their income. Sigh…

There is something very shadow like about this full moon.

Let’s say hidden negotiations are in play. Deception is at it’s peak.


We cannot ignore that the other polarity of this Moon is 4 planets in Aries; and not just any planets! Jupiter is with Rahu which is going to exaggerate fires, explosions and self centered egotism.

Aries is ruled by Mars, the God of War. This is the first full moon with Jupiter and Rahu together in Aries. This dance lasts until the end of Nov.2023 when Rahu moves into Pisces. I do believe many are just now realizing that they may have to take personal responsibility for their own lives. Sadly we live in a world that still engages in war. Now is such a time..


Impulsive action based on lies.


Conserve your energy as this very intense cosmic pattern moves through us.

Love only…

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