We need time to have order in this dimension. Even though , in the grand scheme of things, it is not what we think it is. Time is actually bendable. We, however are subject to experiencing the passage of time.

With time all everything has a life cycle which has a beginning, a maturity, a blooming and a death.

Virgo is the sign that is concerned with taking care of time.


Virgo is the portal for time management; some have it in spades and some are hopeless. The key is that in order to be successful we need to manage our time correctly. In fact in the the center of our brain sits the pineal gland, which we will call the master regulator, and guess what, it is aligned with the flow of day and night. The circadian rhythm aligns us with the planets. We are at our best when we follow the Sun.

There is even a magical time 20 min after sunrise and 20 min before sunset where the light of the Sun offers us an extra special dose of light that we can integrate into our body.

With the unset of screens which produce artificial light, our pineal gland is receiving artificial light, and too much blue light, which, in the long run, will weaken our system.


Energetically this is a very low dark period. Best to stay inside and keep your body temple

calm. Fasting is also a good idea. Be still and feel God.


Inside of Virgo we have the nakshatra Chitra, and the location of this eclipse. Chitra means, ‘the jewel’.

The eyes are the window to the soul, and the light that shines through the eyes sets the tone for the type of cosmic jewel you are!

How shiny are you?


Always a time to begin again. Virgo/Chitra is about being as healthy as you can be so that you can shine.

What have you been putting off?

What are you tolerating?

Anything that you own is an extension of you…

This is a great time to review what parts of you have dust and lack attention?

Now is the time to tie up your shoe laces and revisit your intentions of doing what it takes to

be the best of YOU.

Now is good. JUMP!

Love only..

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