Money What makes one person make having wealth more important than another who does not go after it?


Mars rules action, drive and business. If your Mars is powerful, you have the ability to go to war. The battle nowadays is a trade; your time for virtual value. For the most part you will never even touch the ‘money’ that you make, but you do get to spend it and you certainly do get to work for it. Mars is your ability to fight for what you believe you deserve.


Venus is the actual money. Like it or not this is often tied up with your karma. Some are born with more than they can ever spend and never actually have to think about making money. This by the way, does not buy happiness; there is just as much misery with the rich as with the poor. Do not go after money because you think being rich will make you happy. Money will give you choice. A well aspected Venus is helpful in enjoying your money and also your time. A conflicted Venus will put you another challenge of enjoying the process or even the spending once you have it



Saturn is the planet of actual work. Everybody gets 24 hours a day, some make $10 and some make $100,000. Saturn is the planet that will keep you on track and disciplined, Can you focus? Even people who cannot focus also make a lot of money. The point is how intensely can you focus when you do focus? Focus + Intention= Results.


Saturn will be in Scorpio until Nov. 2017. Scorpio is ruled by Mars, and therefore business. Saturn brings hard work, obstacles and delays, but it also brings rewards for diligence and focus. What part of your life does the Mars & Venus frequency activate? Understanding your own karmic coding will go a long way in helping your direct your energies in the correct direction for you.

Saturn is currently in direct opposition to Mars. This will bring up challenges in business. The lesson here will be to respect the elders and originators of the problem. Can you shift your attitude and perspective so that you are directing a new wave of energy towards your money situation or do you need to retreat and wait? These are the questions of the moment.



Mercury is the planet of communication and commerce. It is currently in Taurus with Mars and the Sun and opposite Saturn. This is definitely a tougher aspect. Slow the bus down! Take your time. Re consider. Re evaluate your personal values and your current alignment when it comes to your business.

The full Moon on June 1/2 is going to be the apex of this energetic cycle and it’s a major one to watch. Please read my next blog posting. Do you need a reading on your own chart?

Love only…


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