This full moon falls in the cosmic frequency of Pisces which represents, ‘the end’.

In this dimension, at least, everything we can see or conceive of appears to have a beginning, a middle and an end.

When there is a lack of consciousness, this cycle is happily experienced without much contemplation, rather with a happy acceptance.

When consciousness raises, thoughts and feelings mix together to create a sense that one has more control over existence, and therefore this process.

Yet, like it or not, this is the way it goes.

Pisces is the arena that governs the endings and death.


It takes a lot of courage and strength to get in sync with a natural flow that one wishes was different.

Oftentimes we know that the end of an experience or relationship is imminent but move into resistance instead of flow.

One of the moves of a wise person is to align with nature and be supportive of an upcoming ending. Life and relationships clearly fall into this category.

Many times, relationships go on way too long and end in deep suffering which then requires time and effort to regain strength. If we were to be honest, we

would be brave enough to support a noble ending, but this rarely happens.

Pain is the great teacher, so we wait until the pain is so great that endings are traumatic.

What if we could find the courage to do it differently next time?


Pisces also rules empathy and compassion. There is a heightened sensitivity that sends messages of  the path that the heart wishes to take.

When we ignore these messages, and continue on with our head, rather than our heart, eventually the body will scream.

A scream is a high level of anxiety or a disorder that takes hold of a  body, mind, soul. By the time we have symptoms it means we have ignored the messages.

Take a look at your life. Are you experiencing any screaming?

If yes,  honesty is coming to terms with the truth which is pretty much always painful. But is the truth more painful than the  body screaming?

One tries to drown out the other.

To ease the pain one needs to come to compassion.

Pisces does have a tendency to drown out the pain with intoxicants.

Pisces is also deeply vulnerable and compassionate.

Compassion is caring deeply without placing judgement.

Compassion for self is the starting point. Once we can be forgiving towards Self, we can do it for another.

Ultimately, we must forgive to heal.

It may come as a surprise that the reason you are suffering is because you are more highly conscious.


We turn to these ancient wise teachings because they give us direction that is correct.

Interesting to note that in the  VEDIC wisdom, this concept reigns.

Ahimas means: Do no harm.

Meditate on this concept.

Pisces rules unconditional love, forgiveness and is aligned with Ahimsa.

Do no harm to Self. Do no harm to others.


As far as I can see nobody escapes pain in this dimension.

Some charts can handle pain and endings better than others.

Pisces can dwell in the pain and be prone to depression.

Pisces also, believe it or not, can become addicted to suffering.

There are ways to support and manage each soul, and understanding our own karmic code and your current

transit, dasa periods, as well as those you love, is without question, a gift from God.

Love only…

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