Let’s face it, our history as a people has clearly been wiped out many times leaving nothing but some amazing architecture, food, music or spiritual practices from a much greater time, a much greater expression of humanity.

We live on a planet with a food chain. This very fact makes a lot of us uncomfortable. At higher levels of consciousness nobody wants to kill. Then we learn that our bodies are only 10% human and we are mostly made of tiny organisms that are feeding on one another, including us, and the food that we eat. Once you understand this it’s hard to un know it!


We live in a cosmic soup of dimensions of consciousness, even overlapping over each other without any awareness of the individual living out their incarnation. The whole thing is daunting!..

( which is why we study vedic astrology)

Thank God for Jyotisha!!! It gives us reasons and answers for the deeper questions!


Look at the degree of this new moon..20.11 Gemini . This falls within the constellation of Gemini.

We love Gemini’s because they love to take life lightly: laugh and play!

In this world lately how many people do you see laughing uncontrollably? And when is the last time you laughed until you cried? Well, good news…this is the time!!!

Venus is there to add even more fun of the sensual pleasures.


I truly believe that laughing and being in a genuine state of joy is called Success!!

If you can laugh despite all odds, chances are you will enjoy your life. If you can’t enjoy your life, what are you doing here?

There is a cosmic rule that says for every action there is an equal reaction. When we go too far into the dark, we reach an extreme for the dimension in which we live, and the pendulum stops, and reverses backwards. This is karma.

Punarvasu is the return of the light.

After a time of darkness comes a time of light.


Growing up in northern Canada I had one news source, CBC, owned by the government. I loved it, because it was all that I knew. I was brainwashed and blissfully ignorant. Many that grew up with me are still living in the same paradigm.This seems like a time of the past. With internet, communication is at an all time high. This can only be good, right?

Well then there are those who have embraced technology and get news sources from many other intelligent minds. A.I. is a subject that is coming on so strong, all we can do is surrender because the masses are adopting it at the same rate that they accepted the mystery jabs. The masses move together, often at the mercy of truth. What is truth anyways? According to some it is a moving target, unclear. This is the sign of a mislead generation. Truth has a resonance. Everything is frequency and truth, like God, vibrate at the top of the , ‘food chain’.

Despite the fact that there are and apparently have been, a tiny fraction of the population controlling and managing the masses via media, there is suddenly an explosion of truth seeking warrior journalists. What a responsibility!..so many in the ‘herd’ state.

Without judging good or bad, what if we observed with a lense of compassion and intelligence, and steered the ship towards the light and calm waters!

We are a collective. We are not alone. Let us align for a planet of fun and joy and abundance for all!!

Love only…

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