People are constantly asking me, “is the information you are giving me good or bad?”. Every single time  I respond the same. I do not see anything in terms of good or bad. We are unconscious Beings living out karma from past lives we cannot remember ( for the most part). Some of you take the time to go into a semi self hypnotic state to undergo a process called past life regression. There you gain access to your hidden memories. But for the most of society, life is a series of up’s and down’s. If you label it good or bad, you can lock yourself into a box; the ‘I am not accountable ” box.



Now there is a concept that many of you may have not gone deep into yet. Yes, the rule  here in this giant energy cloud of spheric worlds revolving around other spheric worlds, is that the one is equal to the whole. Each cell of your body contains the knowledge of your entire body. Your current life then encompasses all of your past lives. The major law that we also live under is cause and effect. So, if you would like to see somebody have real justice for the negative karma they are spinning and do not, be assured that eventually  it will. Same with you. Every deed , every action will have a reaction somewhere down the line. In the vedas/jyotisha, we label it benefic or malefic.



You can get an idea of how much benefic karma you have accrued by the state of your benefic planets in your chart. Just because you have 5 exalted planets does not mean that you do not have to exert any energy in this life. You are still accountable for your actions. What you have is a stronger more resilient tool for making sound choices and decsions; your free will will have the strongest influence on your karma. Your earthly life skills have been refined in other lifetimes.


If your planets fall into a malefic pattern, instead of ignoring it , why not spend time to really understand the yogic energetic alchemy of your soul so you can be armed with the knowledge of how to grow.



As an Astrologer fascinated with this subject , my wish is that more beloved beings with brains large enough to comprehend the difference between benefic and malfic would want to know!! The truth can be scary, but only if it is not given with compassion and integrity. Spending even one hour a year to gain access to the knowledge of your personal cycles can reframe your entire perspective on your life to a much more positive one.



The interface of your own personal karmic code or birth chart with this current global cosmic trends/cycle is the yoga or combination that creates your day, your hour , your minute, your moment.  Eckart Tolle , from my home, Vancouver continues to produce great great work. I invite all of you to find this work…Gateways to Now :

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