If you visit many of the ancient sites on the planet, you will find that beside the ruler was the building for the Astrologer. What has happened? This current age of money has forgotten to be in touch with much of what was important in past high cultures. You will find those at the very top often do use Astrologers. JP Morgan is famous for his quote:’ Millionaires don’t use astrologers, billions do’. Astrology is a very high language that takes many years to master, it appeals too intelligent people who are looking for the extra edge to improve experience. God is in the details.

1. Profiling

Cost: $150/hr

When you want to understand how your partners and employees see the world, you can increase your ability to listen, communicate and place the right people into the right job. Save massive amounts of time and energy by investing in an extra detail that puts you into going the extra distance category. Book and appointment now.

2. Relationship Management

Cost: $150/hr

The key to success is taking care of your people. Coaching based on charts will give you an edge in current challenging times. Use ancient wisdom for modern innovation! Book and appointment now

3. Vision Mission Work

Cost: $150/hr

I have a partner who is an expert in this area. Being very clear about what your business is really about is necessary essential work that sets you on a clear track to success. Book and appointment now

4. Your Business Chart

Cost: $150/hr

Any form that comes into existence is stamped with the light matrix that existed at that moment. Based on that we have important information about the character, strengths, weaknesses and cycles. Use the chart to create strategy that is aligned with the natural flow of the cosmic cycles. Book and appointment now

5. Politics

Cost: $150/hr

Again, the ancient traditional use of Astrology is the Art of Timing. Countries have charts; Presidents charts interact with the countries chart to produce a political alchemy. Leaders of different nations charts


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interact with one another to produce a specific type of communication. Planning strategic moves is one of the main uses of ancient astrology. Working on this level actually adds a strength and insight that cannot be gotten anywhere else. Book and appointment now

6. Corporate Strategy Astrological Advisor

Cost: $150/hr

If we mesh, you can put me on your payroll as part of the executive team of advisors. Have an initial consultation to determine a fair and reasonable arrangement. CORPORATE PACKAGE Book and appointment now

1. Money Market Trends

Value of $1500 for $1,297

For those who work or play with the constant ups and downs of the money markets, you can gain an edge by understanding the movement and flow of the planets and different combinations create more positive or negative energetic global response. Ask questions, get specific time periods broken down into smaller divisions to understands the ups and downs even as close as every 2 hours. 10 hours of analysis. Ability to break this down into personalized written consultation as well as personal calls broken into 15/30 minute consults. $1500 value for $1,297. Book and appointment now

2. Wealth Coaching

Value of $900 for $600

We live in crazy times. Intelligence tells us it is time for us to re arrange the way we make, invest and spend our money. Recreate financial SELF, and reinvent your wealth creation plan and techniques based on what is appropriate for YOU. Create goals, and be accountable. Get on Track: 1 hour session followed bye 10 weekly 30-minute sessions. Value $900 for $600 Book and appointment now