Vedic Astrology gives us various possible remedies to help alleviate difficult birth chart aspects, or to help us through current challenging cycles.

1. RATNA ~Gemstones~

We are light Beings that generate energy from light. The chakras are the same color as the rainbow as are the stones that grow within our earth.
Clear Vedic stones chosen from a source that does not use human slavery, and are not treated with heat, neither colored unnaturally, are chosen for you.
Stones that lay directly on the skin transmute light into your Being to assist you to strengthen natal weak planets or during times of difficult cycles.
Specific stones worn on specific fingers.
For example: A pearl to strengthen a weak moon

2.YAGAS~ Hindu priests chanting for a specific chart for a specific outcome.

Hindu Priests live in temples in India who have a spiritual service of chanting specific mantras up to 10,000 times.
For Example: You pay from $200-$1000 to have a specific mantra chanted for you by 20 Vedic priests for 20 days to relieve a difficult planetary transit or to increase wealth.

3. MANTRA ~ Chanting~

We are light body sound instruments channeling cosmic energy. If we are totally clear inside our body temple, with a pure intention, the repeating of specific mantras will cause a harmonic resonance that will shift our vibration frequency.
A great part of Vedas revolved around sacred sound: Mantra.
You may be given a particular mantra to repeat to alter the frequency that emits from you.
For example: Aum Gaum Ganapati Namaha is the salut to Ganesha who removes obstacles and helps with wealth.

4. Yantra~ Mystical diagram~

An image designed to be a focus for a meditation on a desired outcome.
For example:

Sacred Sri Yantra