“Attract what you expect,
Reflect what you desire,
Become what you respect,
Mirror what you admire.” unknown


The portal of extreme karmic transformation. This cycle , for me is the most important one to watch. It has been my experience, since I began observing them over a decade ago, that the most profound transit that causes the most personal and global shifts and transformations, and delivers karma, are the eclipses. Eclipses stay in the same cosmic zone for 18 months and move backwards through the zodiac. If this transit occurs in the same sign as your Sun or Moon, the karma trigger is turned up high. Over the years, I have noticed that at least 50% of my readings are those who are experiencing such a transit come for readings during that time because there is such an unusual level of intensity. By having the awareness of how you can best take advantage of such a cycle and how long the cycle will last you can reduce a tremendous amount of stress.


The current portal is through the Aries Libra axis. This will shift on June 17.2014.


From June 17,2014- Jan.8,2016 the eclipses will transit the Virgo/Pisces axis. These two signs have a tendency to be intensely involved in the pursuit of perfection and an inner feeling of not being perfect can result in guilt. The major karma that has to be overcome for an out of balance Pisces emotional manipulation. If you have your Sun, Moon, or Lagna in these signs best you begin to mentally prepare for this upcoming cycle.


The planet of struggle, obstacles, illness, accidents, work.


Saturn is exalted or strong in Libra, so the personal transits are a little less intense and are generally connected to bringing you to a better place. The Sun is debilitated in Libra, so there are strong lessons in learning how to care for yourself during such a transit. Saturn takes 2.5 years to transit through one sign. What has been extraordinary for the past 12 months the Saturn and eclipses have intersected. You have seen plenty of reference to that pattern. The calamities that have occurred in the form of natural/manmade disasters have been horrendous.Globally, as astrologers, we expected a further breakdown in the finance sector, but the most poignant delivery has been Fukushima. This pattern will continue until Nov. 2, 2014.


Saturn will move into Scorpio on Nov.2,2014. This means those of you with Saturn in Scorpio will go through your Saturn return. Those of you with a Moon in Scorpio will experience your sadi sati and are well advised to prepare as well.


The planet of luck, abundance, growth and expansion.


Jupiter stays in one sign per year. Currently Jupiter is in Gemini.


Jupiter will move into Cancer on June 18 ,2014.

JUNE 17-18

This is a pivotal day for 2014. The eclipses and Jupiter move at the same time. This represents a major shift in the light frequency that hits our earth. Watch for a major shift in many areas this summer.


Jan.31, 2014 begins this year long cycle.



We still have 6 months of Saturn Rahu together.  We  may very well see yet another major event either related to Fukushima or something else. Once the eclipses  shift mid June the focus is going to move towards a practical applications geared at cleaning up and restoring balance. Everything that we can see is a chemical combination and can be solved with the right alchemical antidote. We are in an era now where we should be able to implement new techniques to restore balance both personally and globally. Jupiter in Cancer will assist with this process. Love only..



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