“There is a magnet in your heart that will attract true friends. That magnet is unselfishness, thinking of others first; when you learn to live for others, they will live for you.”
― Paramahansa Yogananda

Full Moon in LEO

Leo rules the heart.

Your heart rules your life.

How you manage your heart is how your life will go.

Take this very seriously. As you age, the truth of how you managed your heart will become more and more visible.

Your life is your gift to use as your creation. If you manage it well, you will see that good things happen to you and your life canvas will be one of happiness and contentment.

This you cannot hide.

Heart dis -ease is the number one killer of men and women on this planet because they do not take care of their life force mystical organ that combines basic physical pumping with the management of feelings.

Leo is in charge of the heart.

Interestingly Leo is also in charge of power. How is physical health and emotional health linked to personal power?


I mean the short answer is, this is just how we are designed.

Today the full moon is in the sign of Leo , which of course is the KING, but also the lunar sign, Magha.


Remember this wisdom/knowledge is coming to us from the Vedas , which are the oldest body of knowledge on the planet! So digest this!

Magha is the nakshatra or lunar sign located from 0.00-13.20 Leo. The pure astronomy is that is it located within  the constellation of Leo exactly where the fixed star Regulus is located. Regulus is located at 8 degrees of Leo and , is said to be 100x more luminous than the Sun. Regulus is called, ‘the king maker”. Magha means, ‘the mighty one’.

Magha is ruled by Ketu which links it to the mystical aspect of reality.

This is the nakshatra that is unequivocally linked to power, nobility and leadership.

“Magha represents the concretization of the soul into individualized form” Dennis Harness  – Nakshatras.

Power is a source of energy, like water or air, it is a force that runs through our bodies. Inherently it does not have a charge, therefore can become a great source of light, or darkness. Such is the reality of our world and is no more highlighted than at this current time in history.

We will likely see eruptions of Power during this full moon.

Electro Magnetic Connected Field of Consciousness

We are all connected on this unseen grid. We are connected via our hearts.

Each of us, contribute our personal power to the global grid. You are important!

This full moon be a channel of light to the grid.

Check in to see if you can feel your heart.

Where does Magha fall in your chart?

Does it speak to you?

Are you listening?




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