Ashlesha is the nakshatra of the kundalini.

Ashlesha also means, ‘serpent’.

The kundalini is a serpent like force that lives within all of us. Call it your pilot light. It is a coiled latent energy that sits between your 1st and 2nd chakra. It can be awakened at which point it rises  in a dual snake movement up your spine to hit your brain. When the brain is hit with the kundalini an awakening happens and the human form becomes fully illuminated; like a candle that has been lit. A fully illuminated human is an enlightened human.

Once lit the life force begins to burn very hot and great care is needed to temper the heat so that the nervous system is not destroyed. Imagine a 40 watt light bulb that suddenly has 120 watts running through it. It is easy to understand why it is necessary to prepare the body for an awake kundalini. Your cells must be strong enough and stable enough to hold the light.

In past times people had a lot more time to devote to preparation of the body. Plenty of rest, clean sattvic food, and meditation are the precursors. Now we have everybody so busy Doing rather than Being and they also want to become ,’enlightened’.

It is possible with the advances in technology that people will again have more time to devote to the actual job of being human. It is also possible that technology may be able to program enlightenment.

Ashlesha is the lunar sign in vedic astrology that rules the enlightenment process.

Ashlesha is the frequency of this lunar new moon.


There is a desire to become entangled with another with this energy. It is not surprising that sex and sensuality are governed by this nakshatra.

Divine wisdom, intrigue and prosperity and seduction combine to make Ashlesha one of the most captivating frequencies of our dimension. Danger, excitement and unpredictability added to this mix can explain a lot of your love relationships that bordered on insanity!

Ashlesha must be harnessed with loving energy or it can be destructive.

Ashlesha falls under Cancer so is also mother energy. Proper mothering requires fierceness to protect when needed.

Where is your Ashlesha?


Orgasms are mini enlightenment experiences. When you are having orgasms consciously move your energy upwards through the spine. Keep your tongue to the roof of your mouth to give a path for the orgasmic energy to pass, and then store it in your heart or stomach.

Have your orgasm with an intention of what you want to create.

Understand that your brain does not know the difference between real and imagined so your fantasies become real to your brain. Allow that to be. Have fun with it!!


A new moon eclipse is a deep dark shadow point. This is not a time to be out dancing and celebrating. This is a time to be quiet and stay out of the rays of the sun and moon. This is a time of keeping yourself protected and nurtured.

This is a time to do a scan of your body to see how your kundalini  is operating.

Are you using your energy carefully?

Are you using your sexual energy in a respectful way?

What intention will you lay down now to create your next move?

Now is Good.

Love only….


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