The Sun is in Leo at home in the cosmic throne of the King. The Sun sheds it’s divine noble royal nature directly onto the Moon which has no light of it’s own. The royal light of the King is illuminating the Moon today.


If you think of a King, think of a person ( or animal) with yang energy, that carries the power to rule. Those who have that energy know it and own it. People love to follow a noble leader. In our current culture we put great actors and musicians on the same or even higher worshipping platform as our political or spiritual leaders. There is great joy when you find yourself in a crowd and are singled out by your idol for a momentary eye gaze or short concentrated minute of attention. It can change your life. As it is when the Sun is in it’s cosmic home and shines it’s light to the Moon for this full Moon. This Aquarian Full Moon receives the blessing of the royal Leo Sun.




Aquarius is the polar opposite of Leo. If Leo is the self, Aquarius is the masses. Aquarius is your tribe, your country folk, your generation. Aquarius is the great combination of the many’s “I”s to the one great “ We”. Leo is giving the opportunity for empowerment of the masses.


If you are focused too heavily in either direction there can be a loss of balance. When you are out of balance your freedom is lost. In order to make proper choices and decisions you must have balance. This goes for the individual as well as the masses.


Aquarius rules freedom. Aquarius rules the airwaves of the computer age. Aquarius rules our freedom to communicate. Freedom is great when there is balance. Freedom is dangerous when there is no balance. Aquarius also rules the future. Any choice or decision you make today will impact your future. This full moon meditate on your freedom. If you live in the western world you have the most freedom. If you live in Egypt currently you feel that you have no freedom. With the advent of this computer age and sites like Facebook, there is a movement that breaks down socio-political borders. Now everyone wants freedom. This is causing a lot of problems for political systems that are based in archaic principles of restricting freedom and causing imbalance.




This full moon is related to the dolphins. Align with Ric O’Barry. He is a modern day hero.


Dhanista which has  ‘Khyapayitri shakti’ = prosperity.

Freedom is the ultimate prosperity. If you are feeling down because of these tight economic times, it is important to find ways to ‘feel’ prosperous. If you can align with the feeling, you will act as a magnet for the same cosmic frequency. Go deep into the simple fact that your freedom is your greatest prosperity. Send out prayers and continue with your computer based communication to uplift and support those who do not yet have that same freedom. Aquarius is also about breaking down outdated structures and systems. As we head into the Aquarian age in about 2060, can you imagine the change we will see.




Love only..

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