This full moon has four planets in full strength: Moon in Cancer, Venus in Pisces, Jupiter in Sagittarius, and Saturn in Capricorn. This creates force.

I like to envision celestial kingdoms. The rulers of the kingdoms are either at home providing strength or in another kingdom offering their expertise.


When Lord Saturn is spending time in his own kingdom, the cosmic kingdom of Capricorn, it is like a wisened ruler who has come home to rest. Even one very powerful stable, responsible elder can instill a sense of calmness and order in the hearts of those who are not so strong.

Lord Saturn is not only influencing the Sun, but shining directly on the Moon thereby providing even more strength and stability.

This is the beginning of Saturn’s 2.5 year stay in Capricorn. Wherever is falls in your own chart is where you focus your attention on creating strength & stability.


Goddess Moon is the cosmic energy of motherhood which receives the highest degree of respect.

She is well supported by Saturn so she is free to be generous with her love. When one is blessed by a loving female who is not worried about creating material security, the family is complete.

Love can abound.


When love is allowed to express itself fully, there is an erotic sensation that arises because the kundalini is activated. If this energy is free to expand without judgement, the entire being goes into bliss. This is what we describe as, ‘enlightenment’. Ashlesha is this energy.

This full Moon activates the cosmic harmony cord of Ashlesha.

If you are looking for more pleasure it will come from your inner state of Being.

Love is an every expanding energy that can fill all of your cells and cause ecstasy. It may or may not turn sexual, but the feeling is the same. Expanded love is bliss. Don’t be afraid if it!

Of course it all begins with you in your own kingdom. You start with falling in love with your own soul. Here is your permission! This full moon the energy rises in Ashlesha.


The kingdom of love is rules by Venus. What makes Venus so special is that she is gentle and forgives easily. Venus is patient and kind and when in her own kingdom, not threatened, so safe to love unconditionally.


Jupiter is the great sage and he is also at home in his own kingdom this year. There will celebrations and important lessons given to advance your ability to enjoy your life with dignity.

This is fabulous energy for entertaining and socializing!


Mars is dancing with Jupiter and Ketu increasing the explosive energy of fire. This can cause passion to rise to new heights. It can also cause fires and explosions so be careful.


For there to be order in this dimension there needs to be a balance between these two energies.

This full moon will create this energy during these days, it is up to you to gather some for yourself.

It is the nectar of prana that is created by the alchemy of light that baths us here on earth.

Open your heart and fill your cup.

Love only…..

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