There is an interesting astronomical line up with this new moon. All of the planets but one ( Saturn) are involved in this formation. Mars is in Aquarius but within 30 degrees of the Sun, Moon, Mercury and Venus to be a part of this dance. On a magnetic level this will pull on the earth. Thank God, Jupiter is on the one side of this opposition. Jupiter will provide the sugar to sweeten the seriousness. Knowing where the Cancer/Capricorn axis lies within your own chart will be very helpful in allowing you to take full advantage of this portal.


This lunar sign is very special. Quite simply, the ‘undefeated’. The energy is powerful. Saturn rules the day. Saturn is the energy of work and goals. Consider this first new moon of 2015 an extremely beneficial one for establishing your goal path. If you align with clarity you may well find yourself, ‘undefeated’.



There are some years when you want to coast and there are some years when you want to burn rubber. If you fall into the latter this year, this new moon is especially good for laying down the practical applications needed to attain your long range goals.


There is too much stress in the world. Stress is the number one reason people die early. Slow it down! If you have been procrastinating your ability to enjoy your every moment, now may be a good time to review that agenda. The kids feel their parents work too much and we do. We live in a world that puts too much emphasis on having rather than Being.



Mars is in Aquarius which will add some spice to this new moon. Capricorn can be very conservative, so you can expect an unexpected intervention that can cause a shift in your perspective or direction needed to attain what your goal. Being over controlling never works. You are in a co- operative relationship with an unseen force that delivers your wishes. Be wide open to a new and unexpected element to insert itself.


These planets are in the combination of this new moon. They lend their frequency to helping you speak about what you really want. Don’t be afraid. You are allowed. If you can truly find out what it is that you really really want, and be bold enough to say so, you will be surprised at how quickly it will manifest for you. The more clear you are the faster your wish seems to present itself to you.



Just before Mercury goes retrograde it is in a stationary position and potent. Because this falls on the new moon if your intentions are clouded in any way you could see them go sideways almost immediately. Set your intention and then let it go. Once you put it into the either you really do not have to do it again. Mercury will be retrograde for 3 weeks. Take extra care and have extra patience.


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