“Just because you don’t believe in something doesn’t mean it isn’t true.” Albert Einstein.



The ability to have have the patience to wait for obstacles and unpleasant circumstances to subside. It represents the ability to tolerate uncomfortable heart. It is also the declaration of war or aggression. It is also the , ‘undefeated’.

What is undefeated?

If we think of our world as a series of frequencies, all harmonizing, the highest frequencies are the most beautiful and supersede the darker base frequencies without question.

The ruling deity for Purva Ashadha is Apas, the spirit of Water. Considering that our planet and our bodies are approximately 75% water, this element should be carefully considered.

Scientists have recently revealed what the ancient vedic rishis’ already knew; water has memory cells, or hold the imprint of consciousness.


Dr. Emoto , who I had the good fortune of meeting in person, was revolutionary in this age in presenting a long term study of the different shapes that water molecules take under different frequencies, thought and. intention included.

Very clearly love transforms water molecules into stunningly beautiful shapes, while dark thoughts create ugly shapes.

Once we understand this, there is a personal responsibility to manage our own water containers in which our heart beats.


So Venus is dancing with the Sun and Moon. The Sun and Moon are at 18.10 Sag, and Venus is at 28 Sag, but now moving backwards.

I am seeing love relationships having ‘truth’ issues with this transit. Telling the truth to another is hard, but telling the truth to yourself, even harder. If you have been hiding the truth to yourself, why not meditate on this sanskrit form that came up when I searched for the word in sanskrit for truth: INSISTING ON TRUTH.

Again and again we see the brilliance of this vedic wisdom, for what worth is a truth if not insisted upon?

What are you tolerating?

What are the actions needed to bring your soul into total alignment?

Now is good. We are spiritual Beings having a  human experience.


If we are to look at how this new moon is an oracle for the upcoming year, I would have to say it is positive.

The world is standing together and insisting on truth. This can only have good outcomes.

Sag is about the future and higher justice and wisdom through the social collective.

This puts a very positive spin for 2022. Let’s watch!!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank each of you who follow my teachings and have readings with me when you need. I cherish each an every one of you and give blessings for 2022. May you have the best year ever.

Love only…

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