Wow! This is a potent combination and reminds me that just when we think we have economics figured out, it does something different. We hear that the banks are collapsing and any day now we will have to think about moving into our tent and savage food from the forest and then the dow hits 20,000 !

Just as Saturn is moving into the wonderful fire sign Sagittarius, and the Chinese ring in the new year of the fire rooster, we are reminded that we are living in abundant times. Facebook and twitter have increased our awareness of each other which is the most wonderful thing.

I believe that the youth will kill less animals for food, less animals for clothing and furniture, less people for power and the older generations will do what they can to curb their archiac patterns.  Saturn rules maturity. Sagittarius is about the positive vibe.


In vedic astrology , the 2nd house rules material wealth and food, which of course are connected. This is the money you make yourself. The opposite house is the money you inherit or make by managing other’s money. If you consider that this is the most ancient wisdom on the planet, don’t  you find it interesting that they would let us know that after you have your body and wits about you, the next most important aspect of life that you must conquer in this dimension is enough to eat and , well, your wealth?

The truth is that we are born carrying some karma from past lives that we must first live with an next work on dispensing, ‘it’. Once you dispense with your karma you are free to manifest as you wish, but up until that point you are destined to a certain level of wealth. This is, in fact, one of the fixed karmas. Go figure.


Just the fact that Saturn is out of Scorpio is going to release a lot of blocks in the money world. Very often in astrology it is about the blocks. Removing blocks opens the flow. This Saturn transit for the next 2.5 years,  is about putting up a block in the area of higher truth, spiritual wisdom, justice and overall class. Let me think, is this currently missing?

Its time to somehow establish a higher code of conduct. When I look around I see the world being addicted to the cloud. I doubt that we can stop this trend. We are at the tail end of the Piscean age and on our way to the Aquarian age, the two are diametrically opposed. This next era will see humans become robotic. I try not to judge because, at the end of the day all creation is just a different version of source energy or God. Who are we to judge what is better or not.

From our perspective, what is important is respect and that is sorely lacking on this planet. Saturn in Sag for the next 2.5 years will give lessons in that arena.


Money is associated with wealth and success but it need not be. Abundance or true wealth is something different. The level of frequency that you live at is what impacts the cells in your body and the water that you carry that flushes through your organs. Abundance comes at all levels of financial wealth actually. Poverty of the soul also exists at all levels of financial wealth.

This year is about wealth.

Discover your true dharmic path. What would you do if you had all the money in the world? Do that! Just do that! You wealth will follow. That is a cosmic law. It may take a little while before you turn around the wave that you are currently on, but really there is no other path. You are a cosmic creature in co creation. What do you think your co creator thinks or feels about you if you live your life living a lie doing what you hate in exchange for a life that gives you depression?


This is the year to focus on your true abundance. Understanding your own Saturn placement as well as where Sagittarius falls in your own chart gives you the map!!

Love only…

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