Pushya is considered the lunar sign ( nakshatra) of the most mature spiritual nature. Why is this so?

It falls within the sign of Cancer which is the home of the Moon.


What happened when this science migrated out of northern India into the various cultures and finally to Greece, the fact that it is a lunar based system was lost.  In fact, because it is a lunar based system, it means that the Moon is the most important planet in your chart.

Your Moon represents your brain. In order to perceive life experiences and channel the light through your being, your brain must be strong.

(Luckily there are upyas or remedies for weak planets. )

How life experience travels through your general perception – manas- and out through your chakras and eyes, is how your life will go. Those with a strong mind will be resilient and stable and , despite the normal setbacks of life, are able to maintain a positive attitude.

Those with a weak mind fall easier into depression and need tools to manage. The blessing that understanding your own karmic code/birth chart, brings is priceless in the navigation of your journey.

The Moon is also the Mother.  Cancer relates to nurturing and care, not for ulterior motives, but for the sake of pure love.


There is such a sweetness to this cosmic frequency. All of you have some attachment to this frequency.

Check in to where you are brave enough to remain vulnerable and keep your heart open, even if it is sometimes hurt or broken. We have the ability to heal. Our main job in life is to look after our heart so that we may love.

This full moon is a time to be gentle with yourself and honor the softness that exists in your soul.

Reach out and give love to your mother or anybody that fills that role in your life. Honor your own role as a mother. As much as possible rest in this space so that you may radiate it out into the field and have it bounce back to create your projected reality. Now is good!


On the other side of this full moon, if you look you will see the Sun hemmed in between Saturn and Jupiter, with Venus just joining. We are in  a tough place on earth currently. Many would say we are in a deep low point in Kali Yuga.  Now more than ever it is important to meditate with others to strengthen the projection field of humanity. We are the ones who must turn it around.

Capricorn is governments. Until Saturn moves out of Capricorn in April 2023, it is likely we will be experiencing this battle with government. Imagine a world much more evolved that ours, where people take a much greater role in responsibility.

Where does Capricorn fall in your own chart? Here you will be challenged by this current transit.


Love only…



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