The energy that is being activated with this full moon reminds me that our natural state is ecstasy.

When our organism is totally healthy, the circulation flowing with water and fire and light, and all of the cells resonating in harmony with the highest frequency, we are in our highest state of authenticity.

The energy being generated with this full moon lunar eclipse in cancer pulses emotion. Our inspiration comes from emotion. We remember the greatest times of our lives because of the emotion that inspired us so profoundly that the memory imprinted into our mind.


I believe the greatest achievement is to gain control of your mind. It is a super computer on loan to you, that you can operate and transmit your soul energy through while you inhabit this body. Your mind is a receiver and projector station firing and downloading and performing 1000’s of tasks each second without your direct guidance. It is at your disposal and willing to hand over more and more control to your as you move into higher levels of consciousness. Consciousness can only come through a healthy body. Discipline seems to show up everywhere as the yoga that allows the alchemy to trigger.

Some with strong Suns or Saturn’s in their birth chart will fall into discipline with more ease than one with those planets in weak positions.  Yet, one who is overly disciplined and lacks the ability to flow like the 72% water that hydrates the brain cells that must be replenished daily, also does not gain the control over the brain.

Gaining control over your own brain is a gift that happens when you are able to be strong and soft, stable and flowing, fire and calm, inspired and peaceful. Therein lies the dichotomy and challenging game called Life.


See how the light waves in your mind resemble the universe?

Feel how your mind receives the higher frequencies of this full moon eclipse.

Can you make space for elevated consciousness?

This requires you stop the thoughts and let the instrument receive.


When there is a full moon lunar eclipse the Moon is dancing with Rahu, causing intoxication. The effect will be accelerated feelings. Observe what feelings are prominent right now.


Ashlesha is the serpentine energy that is associated with the cerebellum which is the oldest part of our brain. Ashlesha is the the kundalini. We use the body as a generator to push the cosmic frequencies through our base chakra to our crown chakra. The ultimate orgasm.

Ashlesha is the cosmic orgasm.

The orgasm produces creation.

The orgasm puts you in alignment with the source.

Enlightenment is the body mind soul that is completely awake. Awake is awareness. Awareness is so overwhelming thus requires extreme levels of solitude. The sensitivity is disturbing and if misdirected can be misguided by the power and fall into the dark side. Ashlesha is ,’krura’, or dreadful and has the visasleshana shakti; the power to inflict poisonous venom. Ashlesha can paralzye victims with a hypnotic gaze. Ashlesha demands respect.

Our genetic heritage exists within this body but has been spliced with the reptile which operates on the lower chakras therefore it is possible to have the kundalini awake but in bliss by the expression of evil rather than good. This is confusing for those who have a cerebellum that has been purified.

Ashlesha is “magnetic, sensual, seductive, thoughtful, mystical, and powerful.

Ashlesha is the mother who must raise a child in a world filled with  horror. Motherhood is a divine right and birth is meant to be orgasmic. Orgasm within pain.

Ashlesha is dangerous. Ashlesha is our electro magnetic spark that lives within our reptilian body.


This is the energy of quicksand or a sinkhole where water washes away the stability of the earth.

There is an allowing that exists with this eclipse full moon that can dissolve the old patterns that are preventing you to attain your highest expression of you. Be with it.


These are different levels of the same energetic pathway. Enlightenment happens when the orgasm becomes so strong and your ability to hold that  energy allows you to dissolve into the frequency of bliss; your divine right.

Now is good!

Love only….


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