Quintessentially is  my favourite word. It represents the distillation of virtually anything into it’s highest essence or quality.


Here is the lineup of the aquarian planets for the new moon today.

Mercury :1 degree

Sun: 2 degrees

Moon: 2 degrees

Venus: 11 degrees

There is an energetic frequency within out personal dimension of the universe that expresses the frequency of Aquarius.

Each of you have some connection to this frequency because each of you are coded with this frequency. Some of you will have no planets in this sign while others will have numerous planets here. Either way, you all have a connection.

The quintessential Aquarian uses the airwaves for communication. Computers and all forms of the new age communication are Aquarian. We are soon to enter into the Aquarian age which will last 2,600 years.

Aquarius is the future. If you observe you can see this new age coming on with lightening speed. Some of you will not feel comfortable, while others will thrive.

You are living at the end of the Piscean Age.

The Aquarian Age begins somewhere around 2060.

How would you like to participate? What role do you play?

Love only…


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