Have you ever noticed that it is always easier to tell somebody else what to do? It is much easier to project on to another. Tell somebody else that they need to stop drinking or smoking or eating too much sugar, do more excersice, meditate more, relax more, love themselves more. Whenever we finally get one of these areas under control, we become even more righteous. Underlying all of it is a desire to evolve.



The secret is in the mind. The mind is this miraculous super computer that contains the information of all that is. It is the proof that we are connected to the cosmos. No wonder we only use 10% of our brain consciously. If we were to have conscious access to all of the information stored in the brain it would likely drive us crazy.



For most of us we receive the mind, our mind, with the hard drive already installed. We are still working out karma from past lives. Our brain is not a clean calm machine that operates on command. We are a mix of our past karma which becomes entangled in the current life. Very often tough karma gets triggered before we are old enough to know ourselves or how to read the operating instructions for life. By the time we reach our twenties or thirties the brain is scrambled; all tied up with emotion. Our natural instinct is to become addicted to some habit that helps us at least put the brain in the corral. For many that is where it will stay for a lifetime. It is easier to follow the masses and do what they are told, what to wear, how to work, what to believe in and how to conform. For others, it is the starting point to have the courage to ask questions and to understand why we are here. For all of this it is mind that is involved.

To be really effective the mind must come to a point of stillness. How to achieve this? Only two ways in this 2nd dimension of polarity. You can do it alone or you can get help from another. “When the student is ready the Master will come” GURU Guru is the ‘other’. Guru is the one who can help you still your mind. If you are lucky you will recognize your teacher. If you have good karma you will invite your teacher into your life. You may have one teacher or you may have a few teachers or you may have many teachers. It is not the amount of teachers, it is the time it takes for your mind to clear. A Guru will assist you with techniques that are available to all of us to tame your wild mind. If you do not have the discipline to follow the techniques on your own, you can join groups that do it together. The Guru is there as the guide. The various groups in the world can be branded with so many different labels. Don’t get caught up in judging which is better than another; it doesn’t matter. The goals are the same.

Caveat: Not all groups are intended to set you on the path of individual responsibility, some are there to control your brain so that you become a pon in a work force. For those who do not have the ability to escape to the individuated brain this may be a safe place. For those who have a deeper craving for realizing their human potential this will not be enough. Try not to judge, just do what is good for you.


The higher vibration of energy is sweet and contains an energy that is called ‘shakti’. In fact shakti is the creative feminine energy of the universe. Shakti is that energy that is created when people gather to meditate, pray or sing in a state of love. Because our bodies are mostly space and we absorb our environment, shakti can enter our bodies and minds. A guru vibrating on a very high level can actually pass shakti to us as a gift. This gift of energy transference can get us to our goal of a still mind so much quicker than going there alone. This is why we invite the guru.


Pretty much all great realized souls in history have had one or more great gurus. They have an appreciation and respect for their guru. In more ancient cultures this principle is understood and there is a place of honor given to the guru.




This is the full moon in the year where the Sun is in Cancer, the sign of the Mother, and the Moon is in Capricorn the sign of responsibility. It is the time to honor our teachers/gurus. Join a celebration or do your own. Take time to say thank you to the ones who have left the body and to the ones who are still with us. Guru Poonima is the time to celebrate the guru. Love only…


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