Mercury is in taurus and venus in gemini so they are in each others’s signs. When this happens a special yoga occurs as they automatically switch camps; thus mercury into gemini and venus into taurus, both exalted. This effect stabilizes the global energy for this full moon. It also will create an effect of things not being what they are when you first look at them. This full moon will have a double message. Pay deep attention to your intuition. The effect of this parivatna yoga is that the first impression will morph. There is a deeper and richer and more profound continuum at this time. Watch what is happening in your life now. It will evolve and grow into the most beautiful sacred divine experience. Pay attention!


Generally you get all the information you need at first glance. Your retina which is associated to the greatest super computer in the world- your brain- processes almost immediately and within a split second relay’s information to your heart…yes, your heart. Your heart is your cosmic GPA. The message is relayed as a feeling or for those of you with no water planets in your chart, a thought. We call it intuition. WE all have it.


Animals use it all the time. In the awful tsunami in Thailand even the frogs got to higher ground before the tsunami hit. WE are all divinely connected to each other, nature and the cosmos.The question is are you using yours? With the proliferation of pharmaceuticals, instead of addressing the source of the problem ( depression for example), numbing agents are prescribed. Not listening to your intuition long enough creates a doubt within wherein you quit trusting yourself. How absurd!!


For so many of you who have lost the ability to listen and follow your intuition I suggest the following. Buy yourself a cotton bracelet- your ‘intention’ bracelet is there to remind you to ,’listen’. Whenever you look at your bracelet you are to, ‘check in’ with the messages that your heart is delivering.
Now here is the trick. Whatever the message, do not think about it! Once your brain gets involved and you begin to question the message and think that you can do better with your own brain, you are lost! Your intuition is correct, 100% of the time, period.
Your bracelet is there to remind you to check in and listen. Now here is the clincher Once you get the message you must act immediately. If you do this, you clear the space for the next heart direction to come through.
If you wear your bracelet for six months you should be back on track!!


I always chuckle that the slang for money is mula. The symbolism is a plant growing beneath the ground and above the ground. If the root is strong enough, the plant above the ground will be able to withstand the elements.
Honestly you do not need to have money in the bank to be secure. Animals don’t. What you need is a relationship to the cosmic rules that is secure enough so that you understand what you need will be provided. Certainly material security is important for well being. In the astrology chart , the 2nd house is about your material security. What the are telling us is that, yes, we are spirits in a material world and our lesson is to master the material world  while were are here. That is a big subject and can be done in many different ways! It is your intuition which is there to guide you towards your dreams/goals. If you drop your attachment to linear thought, you will see that your wishes and desires occur from and at the most unlikely and unpredictable times/sources.This full moon is a good time to review your relationship to your material security and your intuition!




This transit has been an arduous one. Those of you with strong Scorpio planets are really feeling it. There will be some reprieve June 17-July 12 as mars retrogrades back into Libra for a few weeks before turning direct and making it’s way out of the final degrees of Scorpio. Sept.18 is the day that this tough transit ends.


I expect it will be quiet as the warriors assess their tactics. It may be quiet for while, but once mars make its final approach into scorpio, we can expect massive attacks. On a personal level you may find relationships that you thought had lost traction may revive. There is a reprogramming of cooperation. Here is an appropriate thought for this transit: how much nicer to you need to be to yourself to inspire the universe to finance your adventures?


July 12-Sept.18 will be the final days of this 6 month long planetary war. There is no doubt that we will see more disturbing violence. Your job is not to move into fear. Do your part to raise the global frequency by raising your own frequency-period. Yes your prayers and mediations do make a difference. LOVE ONLY…..

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