Have you ever been to the point in your life when you thought you had released yourself from past patterns of attracting an abusive partner only to find that you are, what?, in another abusive situation? How does that happen?


My wise young daughter sat me down when she was about 15 and said, Mom, there are only two kinds of people in the world, ‘predator or prey’. At first I found that fairly offensive and tried to think my way through it. I am strong willed and ambitious, so does that make me a predator? I am very sensitive and submissive, so does that make me prey? It is an interesting question. From a planetary perspective all energies in this dimension are either yin or yang. The oldest part of our brain is reptilian, So, let’s assume this is correct.




Basically the reptilian brain is about eat or be eaten. While there is emotion and passion in going after what one wants, and most certainly pleasure in achieving the goal, with the predator the focus is solely on one’s own gain and pleasure. Narcissist men and women fall into this category. Here is my inquiry. Why are these people so damn charming? Am I missing someth



It is a well known fact that the top bankers in the world have a high level of sociopathic tendencies. This is often coupled with abuse of alcohol and drugs. They tend to be super intelligent and driven and financially successful. Very often they are also very good looking, gift of the gab, great sense of humor, but there is one think lacking, they don’t really care about anybody but themselves. It’s all a show. Here is my question. Why would humanity evolve into such a situation where the fittest are also the most cruel? Is this because we are still in an animal body? How is it that somebody would continually fall for that type of man or woman? What is the attracting factor?

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If you have such a karma where you are a great manifestor things will come rather easily. Once you understand that you can create what you want over and over again, and that you take none of it with you when you leave this place, you start looking for a deeper meaning. You, if you have the right planets, also start looking for excitement. Excitement often comes from being in danger. Ok, so that’s not a bad thing. But we have to be discerning in our choice dangerous experiences. Some are just healthier than others. Jumping out of a plane, or skiing fast, or traveling to a new destination can give a fix, while involving your heart. Once your heart is involved,and you are not a predator, you can damage your body, for real. From what I know about life, more people die of broken hearts than anything else.




-You are shocked at the others’ behavoir at times. You initially react, but eventually find yourself forgiving and making excuses for him/her. Your friends and family warn you. The sex is really great. Your heart begins to hurt. You want to leave but you don’t. You begin to neglect your own interests and friends ( the predator generally has no interest in any of them unless they can be used to further their own agenda) Your self confidence begins to wain. You know that you are slipping into an old pattern and do not know how to stop it or choose not to because there is an underlying dangerous excitement to it all. How many of you can relate to this situation?


How many times have you crashed and burned over a love affair? How many more times to you think your heart can handle the stress of this abuse on yourself?



We are so lucky to live in a world of technological wonderment. My friend Dr. Alexina Mehta in Vancouver has a biofeedback computer system that is able to tell you exactly what is happening in your system. There is a lot of merit to be able to see your results are in the ‘grief’ zone. Love is not supposed to put your into ‘grief’!! Of course there are homeopathic medicine and other techniques to help you get back on track, but there is nothing like understanding!!!


This new moon is an uber powerful time to create endings on a very deep emotional spiritual level. I mean very very powerful. I say crash and burn because many of you will be crashing and burning at this time. Don’t stay there. Be wise enough to identify if you have again been tricked by the predator.


First of all forgive yourself. It always begins here. If you are a sensitive soul, you will find yoursl This new moon has a massive portal for forgiveness. Now is good. Forgive the predator with the large ancient brain. He/she has no choice but to be a predator. Pull away, and begin again.

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With this new moon wipe your slate clean. This is one of the reasons why we meditate. If you can wipe your brain clean for a few moments each day, you can give it all a rest and fill up for another go. Now is a great time!

AND IF YOU ARE A PREDATOR? We will save that for another article. This new moon is extreme Yin, so focus on the one who is being dominated.



Sun, Moon, Mars, Uranus and Ketu in Pisces. We can expect some upsets on the planet. Generally the energy is extremely low. Align with love. Align with equinimity. Align with your health. Your body is your temple. You need it to be clean, clear and strong. This is the time to reach out and have a reading if you have been thinking about it. Use it to end, clear and move on!

I AM ADDING THIS FROM MY WEEKLY REVIEW.. The big news this week is a new moon solar eclipse on Friday,20th.


The Sun, Moon , Mars and Ketu will align on the 20th. This will be a very high or a very low point for those of you undergoing strong transits of the eclipse cycles currently. You may find relationships from the past re surfacing and beginning again. You may find emotional issues of the past showing you that they are not yet gone. This is a very very sensitive period and it is wise to prepare this week for the energy on Friday and Saturday.


Pisces is all about endings and letting go. Thus , the energy is also completely condusive to that end. What is it that you need to release?


Fear of letting go is probably the most general fear that we all have. The other side of fear is trust. If we let go , in order for us to loose fear is to know that there is somebody or something to receive us or catch us when we fall. The funny thing is that we already can see that we belong to this great energy that we experience. We are a tiny little rainbow snowflakes. There is nothing to fear, for we already belong to the club!



The main problem is that we are using only 20% of our brain consciously. :-) Now that stat is just too out there for anybody to grasp! So that means we are 80%unconscious. According to the late Dr. Hawkins , author of Power vs. Force, about 60$ of humanity is in the herd state of consciousness, while 20% are in varying degrees of individuated consciousness.


You all by yourself are already so special in all the universe. According to one of my Master teachers, Sri Saraswati Dhyananda, souls are lined up around the blog waiting to have this experience we call life on earth. Apparently it’s really the ,‘bomb’. Who knew, I thought to myself as I sat in the back of the class in Rishikesh. So lucky are we to have the experience of contrast.




Where ever Pisces falls in your chart is where you will feel the effects. Remember the energy is dark and deep and low and internal. There will be no moon in the sky. If you like retreating into your private space and lighting as many candles as you can afford, incense, wood, super healing music; search 528 on youtube and let play to heal your energetic frequency. Take Holy Basll, hot lemon and honey, your favorite blanket and go inside and find rest. You are ok. Everything is going to be ok. It’s all ok. :-) Love only…..


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