We are living in an age of romance.

The false barriers of what is right and what is wrong have been dissolved into internet portals of introduction with the intention of finding love.

Dating internet sites are thriving. Now you can get straight with exactly it is that you are looking for to complete your need for intimacy and companionship.

If this overwhelms you just remember Rumi’s words, “What you seek is seeking you”.


In the very near past there have been stigmas associated with romance. If you were past 50, ( no longer considered old),  or any age, the idea of fulfilling your life long fantasy, would be just that, a fantasy. The reality is, actually, that maturity brings wisdom, and entering into  a love affair during this phase of life, can be the blessing that decorates your existence with magic.

If this is what you seek, adjust your attitude and never give up. You are living in a new age.


This new moon is ruled by Venus, the planet of love. New beginnings in the areas of the heart are auspicious during this transit.

The concept that your earthly counterpart is dreaming of you just as you are dreaming of them, is enticing. In this world of polarities, it must be true. So what prevents the actualization of this reality?


Faith is the non linear metaphysical route to aligning your personal dreams to the co creator which manifests. We live under some cosmic quantum rules, the most important which may be the concept that energy flows where focus goes.

Everybody has life lessons around relationships. Stay focused on the positive outcome you desire, rather than the debilitating pain of the past and remember that what you seek is seeking you.

Are you available to be found?

Are you brave enough to act?

How much do you want love?


Revati is the final lunar sign which falls at the end of the zodiac. It means, ‘the wealthy’.

Having the highest vibration in the universe course through your cells is real wealth.

Sharing the vibration of love and circulating it with a beloved is divine.


Open your heart to love. Now is good!

Love only…


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