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Here is what Webster has to say about the definition of eccentric.

1a : deviating from conventional or accepted usage or conduct especially in odd or whimsical ways
an eccentric millionaire
b : deviating from an established or usual pattern or style
eccentric products
2a : deviating from a circular path
especially : ELLIPTICAL sense 1
an eccentric orbit
b : located elsewhere than at the geometric center
also : having the axis or support so located
an eccentric wheel


-25th nakshatra

-lord is Shiva who transports the lord of fire, Agni

-stars Markab & Sheat in the body of Pegasus

-means: the former lucky left foot

-animal is unicorn called Aja Ekapada and a male lion

-planet is Rahu, lord of storms therefore accidents and unstable moments rule here

-symbol is a sword, a two faced man named Janus, 2 front legs of a bed/funeral cot/stools on a bench

-temperment is passionate, opinionated, eccentric with skills in public speaking

– motivation is artha which is material security.

-basic nature is manushya- human, highly developed intuition

This nakshatra can easily be the most eccentric of all of the nakshatras. Brilliant, off beat, intellectuals who like to talk fast on as many topics you fancy!

PurvaBhadaPada people are true humanitarians.


Yes, my moon is at 21 degrees of Aquarius. This new moon feels like an initiation as I swim early morning in an outdoor jungle location with the morning sun activating this latent cosmic program. Being in water helps activate planetary transits.

For my whole life the word, ‘weird’ seems to come up; so much so that I have become slightly ambivalent to this word! ( laughing)

What exactly does weird mean to you?

Eccentric seems like a compliment but weird seems to have a negative connotation. Weird is unusual. Eccentric is weird with a twist I guess? What about mystical and electrifying? :-0

This pic was taken early Aug.2018 in Santiago del Compostella, Spain, after walking a week on the camino. We were waiting for our , ‘car’ to drive us back to the south of Spain.

Embracing your own authentic eccentricity can take most of your lifetime; stay at it; the reward is inner joy and contentment with no real ‘needs’, The present moment and your passion are divine.


It is not a pretty stat but humanity as we know it today consumes heard animals en masse as food. It only makes sense that humanity for the most part has become a hive or herd mentality.  This translates as as up to 80% of the population that like to be the same as those they see around them. thus the popularity. The break away 20 % follow the path less travelled. Within that 20% maybe 3% sit in enlightenment away from the population to keep the frequency of our beloved Gaia on the right frequency. For the spiritual savant globetrotter, you are lucky to have the occasional moments with this unique enlightened Beings. That leaves about 17 % of others in various stages of creating their own reality consciously. This 20% will most certainly relate to this new moon cosmic frequency that is hitting our earth right now.


Jupiter is on it’s way out of it’s annual cycle.  Jupiter will move into Sagittarius on March.29. This puts Shiva force into a very volatile dangerous position for the rest of the year as it retrogrades back to 20 degrees of Sag before turning back into Scorpio. Hmmm


The 18th month cycle of the eclipses in Cancer/Capricorn will hand over ranks to Gemini/Sagittarius. This is a good time to have a reading to double check what planets you have in Gemini/Sagg. Those of you in my ‘family, are well prepared. It is always about let’s observe. Each of us has a different karmic/dharmic path. The point is, do you have reverence for your soul?


Sadguru is such an inspiration.

the audio does not seem to be working which causes one to observe. Om Namo Shivya.


Jupiter changes signs

Eclipse change signs

Jupiter is Gandanta/Sandi


And stay in an alkaline positive frequency.

Love only….



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