Maha means, ‘great’ in sanskrit.

Shiva is one of the 3 primary deities.

Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva.

Brahma creates, Vishnu preserves and Shiva destroys. There is so so much more to this story and the deities also take different forms which can be difficult for westerners to grasp. Since the movement of yoga, ayurveda, tantra and now jyotisha into the western world, we are becoming familiar with these new names and concepts which belong to the wisdom.


The celebration of Shiva is around the shiva lingam which represents the cosmic egg of life. It is also clearly represents the male organ from which life flows.

On my own journey in India, I witnessed a real black shiva lingam actually growing out of the ground in a small room next to where one of my gurus slept. Until I saw it with my own eyes, I did not know that this was possible. It was kept covered and sacred and private. It was about 3 meters high at the time of my viewing in 2006. Upon viewing this, by mistake actually, I had a deeper understanding of how our earth is a living organism that responds to the energy that it ( she ) is given.

The different limbs of the vedas are directly linked to on another in a complex association of sound, color, form and vibrational frequency. Such is life in all of it’s forms. For our purpose, we look at the link of jyotisha, or light/energy. The energy that is linked to Shiva is the Sun and Saturn.



The Sun is our central force and is associated with fire. Each of us is a mini mini version of the cosmos with approximately 32 trillion cells in our bodies. These cells are held together by your life force. When your life force leaves, it all comes to an end. While your soul, which is a separate entity to your body, inhabits your body temple, heat/fire is needed to keep you alive. The core body temperature is 37 degrees celsius ( 98.6 f) which is quiet warm.
For you to be healthy your Sun energy must be healthy. Each of you are born on a specific solar day in the year which corresponds to the cosmic frequency on which you vibrate with your solar energy. This information comes from the zodiac Sun signs which differs from the western because of the inaccuracy created by the adoption of the julian calendar over the purely astronomically correct of sidereal time on which Vedic astrology is based. Become familiar with your Sun energy- it’s powerful.



Saturn is the planet of karma. Ultimately you are responsible for your actions. Remember thoughts are also actions. Consciousness is the ability to be aware of your actions before you commit. Saturn is your connection to source that makes your responsible.

Embracing your responsibility to your work. Saturn is your work. You are not here by mistake.You are here on purpose. Saturn is the frequency that gives your the discipline to follow your purpose.

Become familiar with your Saturn! Why not?

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This days is the last day of the waning Moon before entering into a complete solar eclipse. If you can possibly take time to go inward today and over the next few days there is great energy waiting there for you to access your higher divine nature.

Love only…


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