Vishakha offers fruition in the mature stage of life. Imagine! This wisdom provides us with the knowledge that if you have any planets in the nakshatra of vishakha, you can expect the rewards to come not when you are younger, but when you have matured and are past your thirties, or even forties or fifties. Vishakha instructs us to have patience and keep working to perfect your Self and your skills.



This full moon, the frequency is aligned with Saturn. Saturn is also the representative of chronos/time. Saturn is the lessons and discipline needed to develop maturity. Thus with this full moon we have a double message of vishakha. Let us examine how this might affect you personally.



If you are old enough to be reading this, you are old enough to know where your passions and lessons lie. Since creativity cannot really be developed until basic needs are met, you must first get that in order. Stress arrives when you are living beyond your means. There are only two ways to fix this. Either you rise your means to afford your life or you adjust your needs to meet your means. Throughout a life, there will be times when either one of those solutions will be necessary. Since you are a social creature, your personal journey will be linked to your societal journey. When the economy shifts (and it will), you will need to adjust your personal needs. When you are younger and full of tempest you may find yourself becoming angry or feeling sorry for yourself when you are required to adjust. As you mature you will find that your personal happiness will not change just because you are required to shift your social/economic needs. You will remain constant. This is a lesson that vishakha gives.


10,000 HOURS

Once your basic needs are met you move onto your creative expression. Do you like to cook, paint, dance, sing, heal? What makes your heart sing? It is said that it takes 10,000 hours of practise to become a Master. Vishakha is the point of Mastery. And please remember, life is about this journey. Enjoy each step along the way; that is your life journey!



Of course the Sun plays the ‘other role’ in this full Moon dynamic. Krittika is as it sounds basically; critical. When you think of Krittia, think, “cuts like a knife’. If it is is the solar ray of Aries, the theme is initiation. In order to be initiated you need to have some serious intent. You are moving forward despite the obstacles. You have done your work and are ready to move to the next level. Initiation is a right of passage. The older cultures, particularly , latino , with the Shaman priests, focus on assisting people from the stages of the serpent to the panther to the eagle. Evolution is deeply respected. There is no judgment on where you are along the journey as long as you are committed to your growth. Then there is respect. We need a lot more of that!!



This full Moon why not ask for initiation; or at least start to think about it. Who can initiate you? Who do you know that is a master? They may sit quietly on the sidelines or they may be out there publicly as a teacher. They can  even be animal. They can be much younger than you.You can be initiated by those spirits who have already passed over. In life, you will want many initiations. If you ask and if you are deeply intent on your growth , it will come to you. Be open. Be ready. Be willing. Be observant. The form can very often surprise you. Be willing to see something completely new! When the student is ready , the Master will come. Love only….

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