The moon is in full debilitation at 3 degrees of scorpio.

This means that emotions can influence the mind and dance it into the darkness. Scorpio likes to be in control, and will try to take the lead in that dance which can cause some soul pain.

Emotions are not meant to be controlled. Emotions are your GPS and are to be honored as such. If you do not listen to your own personal guidance system and run your life just from your head, there will be a disconnect.

Develop a strong bond with your emotions because they come from your heart. Love is not about thinking; often it is not even rational, and being tapped into the source of true love will be uncontrollable.

If you are to let go and fall in love completely, you will need to invite Trust.


Knowing that you do not understand everything and that there is a higher unseen force that is always there to create small miracles to show you that you are indeed right on track. Without trust, love cannot grow and deepen.

If you trust outwardly but not inwardly, eventually the later will manifest as your projection.

This full moon reflect on your relationship with Trust.


There are four fixed planets involved in this full moon. The moon is with jupiter ( also in scorpio) and opposite is the sun in taurus, with mercury (also in taurus).  Observe your attachment to past results, or belief structures or even relationships. Can you feel where you would like to let go and move into uncharted territories? Can you feel the weight of the past that is hanging on to your inner chatter/aura?


Scorpio and taurus are the signs of sensuality. Those of you with strong planets in these signs do well to allow yourself to be more sensual than many others you know who will not be. The fixity can push you into get lost in your senses and attachments.


You are a co creator with the universe. If the love that your crave has not yet arrived, take time to go deep inside to see if your relationship to trust needs more nurturing.

More than anything have great compassion for yourself. Love yourself the way you want to be loved. You must trust yourself first.

Remind yourself that your life is one of the greatest ( in fact maybe the greatest) expression of nobility, yet you are human, which is by definition, a learning experience.


Your values define you.

Value your own soul as a fractal of God.

Love only….


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