A lifetime of being a student of astrology one learns that it is all about observation. We learn by watching the same nakshatra manifest in different forms. After we see the resulting energy repeat itself over and over again, we begin to deeply integrate the understanding of the energy. Bharani, like Shiva, is an energy that I would naturally shy away from. It would have to be brought to me , rather than me to go it. Do you know what I mean? Both have been brought to me. Shiva directly through one of my Indian Gurus, Bharani through my eldest daughter. Such is the magical karma of our children, to teach us what we need to know and where we need to grow!



BHARANI – “The Bearing Star”

Bharani is the ruthless expositor of truth! When I see this nakshatra show it’s face, I know to sit back and protect my auric field and brain and body boundaries. Bharani falls within Aries, so is deeply associated with Mars. Mars is the warrior. There are two nakshatras per one zodiac sign, one is the fiercer version and one the more gentle. In this case, Ashwini is the more gentle version of Aries manifesting into form, Bharani the more fierce. Bharani is the fierce warrior. Bharani takes no prisoners! In the world of self development and the art of living in the present moment, we need to get ok with What IS. Bharani is the master at driving What Is home. In fact, avoidance and denial is where we will choose to live until we can get comfortable with the truth. Bharani, like Shiva, takes pleasure in announcing the raw unadulterated, often dismal truth. Bharani is the one who will stand up and say, yes, pain is part of life…Did you know you can actually find pleasure in pain? If we are to be really evolved and consistent humans, we eventually enjoy the pleasure as much as the pain, because all is illusion. Welcome to Bharani! Here are the rulers of Bharani.



Indra is the God of thunder and Rudra of  storms. Rudra is the God that stands for us when complete chaos and destruction surrounds the situation. Rudra will destroy that which is not strong enough to withstand the power of the universe that wishes to recreate itself. We can fear Indra and Rudra, or we can acknowledge and respect this form of Lord Shiva. We can only renew if we can recreate. The process is never comfortable, but if we can embrace the intensity of a rapid force that destroys that which we do not have the courage or power to do ourselves, then we can find gratitude. Have you ever noticed that when the winds of chaos and destruction turn their winds your way, if you are really honest, you will acknowledge that you needed the push? Yes, bow down to Indra.




Agni is the God of Fire. Fire is the element connected to Pitta. This is the force of passion, digestion, and life itself. Our sun is fire. Our life depends upon a strong fire burning in the sky, and within our bodies to keep us warm. Agni is the force that transforms us. Agni is associated with tapas. Tapas is the heat that is created when we burn away our stress through practicing yoga. Prayer combined with tapas is the way to clear our bodies and souls of built up karma. Bharani has the power to cleanse and remove impurities.




Yama is the God of death and justice. See, I told you! All in one package. According to the vedas, Yama is said to be the first mortal who died, thereby assuming the leader in the world of death. He became the lord of the departed, or lord of the Pitris, or ancestors. He is the one who reviews the life and decides on the next path for the soul. Shamans focus on all our relations. There is a lot of focus and prayer on those who came before us. As each of us will pass through that gate, it is appropriate to have a place of honor and a cosmic energy who stands at that gate and waits for us. In fact, we step much more deeply into life when faced with our own mortality. Yama is intense and final. Yama actually pervades the life experience. One of my favorite sayings is ,” if you are not busy living then get busy dying. “ Yama teaches the young brahmans the art of fire ceremony and immortality. Perhaps the lesson here is to drop deeper into the present moment of your life. Clear what is pulling you in the wrong direction and keep your energy in such a place that you are ok when your moment of passing comes.




Well, it should come as no surprise that the female sexual organ is related to this nakshatra! Afterall, the entrance to much pain does come through being drawn into a relationship via the female sexual allure. We could look at the yoni as a gateway to the relationship. Considering relationships are the field where we usually find our greatest lessons in personal growth, this makes sense. In another perspective, sexuality is where we can also find our greatest expression of love if we open and let ourselves totally surrender and let go or die into it. Bharani is the energy of extremes in passion and desire and all that ensues from that.




Bharani receives the accolades for being the nakshatra that produces great works of creativity. The truth is that most of the greatest songs, and art pieces are produced as a result of channeling a painful experience. Bharani is ruled by Venus, the cosmic frequency of love, sex, art, females, and money. If you can look at your life as your own canvas of art and you as the artist, how would you change your situation?





Opposite to the Moon are these 2 dignitaries in the nakshatra of Vishakah. If you can remember one thing about this lunar sign it is about maturing later in life. One one end there is the raw fearless energy of Bharani, and on the other the opposite. Libra is the polar balance. Libra is about keeping the peace at all costs, especially avoidance! With 3 planets balancing out this Moon, we are asked to find the balance somewhere in between. Relationships can only be successful if we mature our ability to speak our truth and take care of ourselves, live our brutal truth ( aries moon) while also giving space for another to have their differences. Venus is exalted in Libra which gives a stronger pull to the arena of relationships during this full moon. Remember you can only love another to the extent that you can love yourself. Your own authenticity is your personal act of cosmic art. Let this full moon help you have the courage ( Bharani) to expose your truth so you can move into a peaceful union with others. Love only…

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