This full moon falls at 0.14 degrees of Pisces. The Sun has just moved into Virgo, so the Sun at 0.14 Virgo. It is an eclipse.



Mercury is in Leo’s sign and the Sun is in Virgo’s sign, so they do a, ‘switch dance’.

This should cause an integration through exchange. The point is to have both sides of your brain developed and at peace.



Virgo is ruling the day. This combination reminds me of a small finely tuned sports car. There is a lot to be said for being quick while having precision. All fast athletes must master this. All successful business people must master this. What is required is the ability to mentally focus. This planetary combination certainly rules the domain of mental focus.

Your brain is a computer. Your brain is not your soul. Your brain is on loan from the earth. Think about it. Your brain is more complex, faster, and more powerful than any computer developed by man. For many or most, the brain is running the show of life, but it need not be that way. For sure there are some who are born more evolved and have this capacity at birth, but most of us have to got through the process of taking over the reigns of our brain.
You can actually take control of your brain. How?
This may surprise you, but the best way to gain conscious control of your brain is through meditation. If you spend enough time learning how to turn off the useless chatter, and let the brain relax, with time and practise, something magical happens. I can tell you because it has happened to me. Like the, ‘parivatna yoga’ of today, there is a switch. One day you find that you ( the soul you) is suddenly in charge of your brain. The endless thoughts disappear and your mind becomes quiet. You can choose to think or not think. The whole process is liberating. Just like there is no glory is being too busy, there is no glory in thinking too much. Magic happens in those quiet moments, or spaces. When there is a space something new can move in.


On the other hand you will also find that those who have mastered the ability to focus on details often also have the other side of the brain developed; imagination & intuition & silence. It’s no mistake that Pisces is the opposite to Virgo. Pisces is about not thinking; rather intuitive creativity and art.
Because there is so much energy is virgo for this full moon, it is a great time to check in with yourself. When the details ( virgo ) are taken care of , there is more space to kick back and let your creative nature rise. Pisces would be that 90% of brain power where you are not conscious. Sub consciousness is where your past life memories are stored. If you can access your subconsciousness, you will know your soul.


Pūrva Bhādrapadā
Purva Bhadrapada “the former happy feet” 20.00 Aquarius to 3.20 Pisces

This lunar sign is about passion & transformation. There is a strong mystical element to this sign. Watch for signs from nature and your dreams. Janus the deity with 2 faces rules this nakshatra. Pay attention that you do not overlook the elephant in the room just because you want a few more moments of pleasure or ignorance.
Whatever began in the new moon eclipse may come to fruition now.

Love your brain. Honour your brain, Care for your brain for it is your tool for your enlightenment.

Love only….

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