The sun and moon are exactly opposite one another at 28 degrees, 32 minutes. The Sun is in Libra and the moon in Aries. What is particularly nice about this full moon is the the planets are nicely spread out, each in a different sign except for saturn and mercury. We like to see this because it lessens intensity.


Aries is cardinal fire, thus aggressive and adventurous with a need to be a leader in some arena. This is the cosmic frequency of the brave soul who will can act before thinking; if one is following instinct the action will always be correct. Too many thoughts often complicate a situation when there is always only two outcomes, the correct and the incorrect. Instinct will lead one into the correct path.

Aries is the first sign, so always represents new beginnings.

Aries is the frequency of independence. Remember everything falls into a polarity on this earth. The sun in libra does not like to be alone, while the moon in aries loves to be alone. These are the extremes and of course the balance is somewhere in between. Let us examine that aspect of life.




Each of you is wired differently in this department. Knowing what you need and respecting that is one of the key points in maintaining your inner balance. While one person may need to be almost always with others, another person may need to spend almost always alone. There is no judgement here. The key is just being honest with yourself and getting what you need. Failure do to so, over time, can lead to a deep fatigue and disease.
There are parents who are extremely social that have a child who needs a lot of privacy. This is where understanding yours and your child’s vedic birth chart goes a long way. The same goes with a partner. By understanding the birth chart of a loved one you will be equipped with the knowledge that their need for alone time has nothing to do with you, and the relationship will be much stronger if you are able to give the space that is needed.



The lunar sign of this full moon is Krittika, which has the same energy as it sounds! Krittika means ,’ to cut’. The ruling deity is ,’Agni’, lord of the fire. Krittika cuts away untruth or burns away unwanted energy. To this end you will find there is a lot of fire ceremony called ,’pujas’. from the vedas, which are designed to release the negative and raise the vibrational frequency. Essentially all cultures use fire as a form of letting go. Each of us, all of us, need to clear and cleanse our auric fields from time to time. The full moon is a great time to do this because the energy is at the highest of the month. If your intention is clear, you can erase negative memories the are stored in your body-emotions- mind effectively and forever. This full moon is perfect for this.



This is the frequency of silence. There can be way more power in keeping your thoughts and opinions to yourself. In relationship, I have learned that if you have to exert a lot of energy to explain your position and it does not result in change, better not to continue pushing your agenda. Now that I am more mature I rarely have those conversations that used to talk hours and way too much energy. People show you who they are. Ask nicely for what you need. If it is not heard, understand that the chances are good that it will never be heard. Now it is up to you to make the choice of acceptance or not. We all get what we tolerate.

The combination of this planetary combination with this full moon in Krittika is a perfect time to clean up your force field and begin anew. Love only….

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