The reason I study vedic astrology is because it offers such a sophisticated eloquent explanation to the queries of life. In fact, the more that I understand the more the chart opens up new dimensions of insight.  The astrology chart is also called a , ‘chakra’, in sanskrit. A chakra is an alive moving ball of energy;  a mulit dimensional representation of energy into form.

The planets are also chakras in the sky. The planets in our own home solar system are our cosmic family influencing us with their light frequencies. This full moon the moon is in the zodiac of Pisces and the nakshatra of Revati. We could discuss many different angles of this frequency but today lets focus on the subject of inner peace.



This full moon is in Pisces which is an arch type for inner peace.

Maybe you don’t want inner peace now, but eventually you hunger for it. Will you ever attain it? Most do not mainly for 3 reasons; you have not met the guru who resonates with you, so do not have the tools you need, and or, you do not have discipline.

One without the other is a lopsided equation that does not yield results.

Having inner peace requires discipline?




If you want to talk about Pisces you must also talk about it’s polar opposite.

If Pisces rules inner peace, it’s opposite sign, Virgo, is dis-stress.

Virgo is all about taking care of the smallest details and having everything in order. Virgo is all about discipline and effort and service.

Pisces is all about trusting that the details are covered. In fact, more than that, Pisces is even about not caring about if the details have been organized.

The lesson in this dimension is balancing the polarity. Thus if you want your Pisces energy to shine ( and you all have it), you must also develop  your relationship to Virgo. The 2 belong together. The balance point is in the middle.

The lesson is: if you want the ability to drift away and zone out in bliss ( Pisces ) , you must take care of the practical details beforehand ( Virgo). You have to go in before you can come out!



Your body is your temple. If you want it to work for you at optimum speed you have to eat, sleep, exercise. This requires discipline. Once your body is a house that has a firm structure you can invite the band. The band is the music of the universe that vibrates the frequency of bliss through your temple. ( Pisces).

There is no way around this. Plant medicine and pharmaceuticals will elevate you for a time. The planet medicine will deliver the message that you need to develop discipline. The white powder will have you just needing more. If you want the inner peace on a moment to moment basis you will have to develop discipline.

If you want to dance all night you need to be strong.



This is the final lunar sign that rules endings. Since the universe is a built on a temple of circles, the end is completion which then begins another. What are you ending? This is a time to celebrate and give gratitude for the cycle that is ending.

What discipline do you need to adopt to create the freedom and bliss for your next cycle?

If you have been doing your work, this full moon will reward you with your dreams coming true. You did your work and you deserve. Bless your existence. Love only…

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