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We live in a dimension where there are various time lags between our intention and the delivery date. We live in a world of various frequencies. Jyotisha (vedic astrology) means, “the science of light”. It is the measurement of frequencies that are attached to form. Form can be in the physical, or formless as in  a moment in ‘time’.


The eclipes patterns changed into the Leo-Aquarius axis in January but this eclipse is happening in the previous eclipse pattern of Virgo/Pisces. This offers an opportunity for growth that did not break through in 2014/15 to come to fruition around this time.

We are living in an exciting age that is quickly uncovering scientific facts about our universe that is uncovering the messages behind specific frequencies.

Virgo is the zone of integrity.

Integrity is a frequency.

Intention is a frequency.

Intention works with Integrity. When these frequencies work in well, results come clean.

Full Moon’s give results. The full Moon is the celebration of the results of your intentions.

Virgo rules details. Intentions need to be clear, definitive details in your heart and  mind.

That is all good, but to be the source of a high intentional expression you yourself, your physical holographic bodytemple, must be vibrating at a compatible frequency. Frequency Baby!!

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528 is the frequency of love.










These frequencies break 360 into 40 degree segments.  The zodiac breaks 360 into 30 degree segements which means there will be overlap. ( This is a larger body of study that needs to be undertaken) .The nakshatras break up the 360 degrees into 13 degree, 20 minute segments. This is food for thought and groundbreaking intellectual/emotional/spiritual technology that is colliding the new discoveries with ancient knowing.

When we are looking to find the frequency of any give day we have a lens called the Panchanga.



Astrology is at it’s base numbers, but once the math is done, we move to the ancient texts that gave us the physics and we move beyond it to the explanations of the meaning of the different combinations of light frequencies that culminate on a specific point. When analyazing a particular day for an auspicious time for action we pull what is called the , ‘mahurtha’. This is the basic breakdown of the frequency of the moment.



The elementary components in all mahurtas:


The day of the week Sunday through Saturday. Each weekday is associated with a specific planet. Each planet carries a different frequency.


27 lunar mansions each of 13 degrees and 20 min. Each nakshatra has a planetary lord, a presiding deity, a body part, a direction, a symbol, a quality and a sound. This is the original source of astrology and is lunar based.


The lunar day as the moon begins anew , waxes to full and wanes again to new. Each day of separation between the Sun and Moon has a specific quaity.


Half a tithi.


A special combination of planets that give specific effects.

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Clearly this is an overwhelming set of calculations, but it is helpful to understand the complexities of jyotisha. I am not going to go into it more than this right now. This information is meant to help you understand that there is so much more than meets the eye! Awareness is Divine.

Love only……

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