What does it mean when planets are in their own sign or exalted? There are 360 degrees in a circle. Consider each degree a different frequency; like turning a channel. The planets are called , ‘grahas’, in sanskrit, which means ,’to grab’. The planets grab the energy of the frequency they inhabit and channel this energy through their cosmic vehicle. Each planet or graha has a frequency where it has power and is able to shine. This is the area of exaltation. The opposite point is where the planet is weak or debilitated.



The universe is a series of balls revolving around each other in patterns. This can phenomena can be seen from the smallest quark to the largest galaxy. Perhaps there is another way, but for us, with our eyes, this is what we see and experience. This means that there is constant movement and that from moment to moment there is a change in the combination of frequency. For the purposes of astrology, each planetary combination creates a yoga or different ‘comic pose’. Like the physical excersize, different poses create different effects. Essentially , it is the study of the different planetary combinations/effects that creates the study of astrology. In fact, it is not even the planets, rather the light that the planet throws and the intersection of those light frequencies that creates the ,’effect’. Since the planets are always  moving the energy or frequency created is always changing.



So, you are also a light frequency that is created by the light matrix that existed when you were born. It is like the vehicle that you work with. It is the intersection of your personal light matrix and the ongoing combinations that causes the alchemy in your daily life or with another energetic light being. You are an intersection point for light energy and thus light alchemy.



Astrology, specifically, vedic astrology is for those of you who understand that the ancient wisdom that is clearly extremely intellectually sophisticated and whom ever left us this language was doing so as a gift and a tool to help us navigate our stay in this dimension.


Planets travel at different speeds therefore create a frequency for a specific period of time- thus my work- to explain That!



Mars is at home in Scorpio therefore strong. Scorpio is fixed water, therefore the focus is emotion, fixed emotion. Mars rules aggression, anger, pain, business, sports, surgery, and  male sexual energy. Mars in Scorpio can work for you or against you. If you are holding on to negative emotion that you cannot seem to release; forgive and forget and have a desire for vindictive behavior you are tapping into the negative side. If you are intensely passionate about doing what is necessary to make your business or your athletic goals, you are logging onto the positive side.

Fundamentally, many accidents and disease is caused by aligning in the negative  and much success in the other.

We are currently living in a time when Mars is aligned with Saturn and unfortunately the remote vehicle for much of the terrorist activity of late.On a personal level you want to know if you have any planets in Scorpio and which house Scorpio rules in your chart. Knowing and becoming familiar with this information is like understanding what is under the hood of your car.



Venus in Pisces is pure unconditional love. This is the home of forgiveness, compassion, art, beauty and spiritual prayer, ceremony and music.

The negative side of Venus is Pisces is addiction to substances that cause you to escape reality. Addiction can rob a life. Another downside of this energy is the need to emotionally manipulate people and situations. The positive side is simply the ability to love unconditionally and enjoy all of the sensuality that is possible through various art forms when one is in celebration of love.

Again understanding how Pisces affects you in your chart is the key to having a paddle in your boat.



When planets are in the same element they flow. In this case, look for the next month to be a time of activating your emotional intelligence. Work with aligning the masculine and feminine emotional world within you. This is not about personal sexual preference, rather the masculine and feminine that lives within all of us.

Letting go of past experiences that prevent happiness and embracing the present and future with a clean slate. Now is good!

Love only…


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